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How small businesses can cut energy bills

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According to the guardian  an average business energy bill is now £2600.79, which represents 0.39% of total turnover.

Everyone knows the economy is in a real sad state. The potential is there for growth, (the green shoots scenario springs to mind) but every time someone somewhere makes a positive comment about economic growth they are within months proved wrong. It's become such a cliché now that any sort of positive comment becomes an exercise in moderate fence sitting - no one dare make such forecasts without some sort of trepidation - government ministers included.

But SME's are suffering - staff cuts, pay cuts, pay freezes, bonuses cut, expenses reduced, staff training and education cuts; all in the name of reducing costs.

You can read about some even more extreme examples of cost-cutting measures here

One thing SME's are failing to cut are energy costs. There are a number of excellant ways for any small or medium sized business to reduce its energy consumption by at least 5%-10%. We have compiled a list of things a business can do to further reduce costs.

In one place I recently worked, the company had little prompts pinned to the walls in key areas reminding staff to switch off lights, not to over fill the kettle when making tea or coffee, to try to use one sheet of paper when drying hands in the toilet, not to over abuse the photo copier and printer - all in the name of reducing costs. It seems silly writing about pinning little messages to walls but on serious reflection, it is very important.

Doing such things are great for businesses to save money - but even better, it saves crucial energy dependence, cuts carbon emissions, and is more eco-friendly.

What is better than that?

We've got a load of energy savings tips available in the Love Energy Savings Help Centre.

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