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Cracking the business energy market through customer service

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Opus has come top in a customer satisfaction survey of 1,000 SME's after putting significant efforts into improving its customer service operations.

In comparison to the business energy survey conducted in 2012, Opus came 4th and has taken over a number of the Big Six energy suppliers to reach the top spot.

With all the distrust that has been overshadowing the energy sector for the last few years it’s great to see a company stepping up to deliver the top levels of service and provide a good experience for customers. It’s paying off for Opus as well, as they recorded a 38% growth in revenue over 2012. 

To compare, the Big Six lagged behind Haven energy which failed to retain the top spot and came 2nd in the survey, followed by Scottish Power who retained their 3rd place from 2012. Surprisingly, the final 5 places did not feature any independent business energy suppliers, only the big 6 who collectively received over 15,000 complaints per day in the final quarter of 2012. 

Considering the amount of distrust in the energy market, more energy suppliers would do well to ramp up their customer service efforts, it may be too late to take the first mover advantage from Opus but it’s not too late to do it better. 

Love Energy Savings always tries to deliver the best customer service possible by providing clear and honest information and comparisons; Phil Foster, Managing Director said: “It’s great to be able to match our high levels of service with companies like Opus who hold the same values as us, it means we can provide a fantastic service across the whole customer lifecycle.” 

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