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What is Business Gas and why is it important?

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You really need to think about what are the most cost effective things to reduce your business gas rates for your small or medium business.

Finding the best customer service from a gas supplier.

Some of the problems you may face are:

 1. Who are the best business gas suppliers?

Sorry, it's a cliche - you need to look about you. Do the research because no one will do it for you. At the end of the day, you cannot trust all the gas suppliers because they are all very different and have contrary levels of customer service - you need to follow your instinct and choose the right gas supplier for your business.

Some gas suppliers even have call-centers based in Indian or Ireland - you need to look at what you want yourself. There's no point losing patience with an outsourced call-centre when you yourself chose the gas contract: ask beforehand, do the research.

Check on, they have reviews available on which UK energy and gas suppliers are the best and worst

 2. How do I find the best business gas comparisons?

Use gas price comparison websites to help you make your judgement for your SME. The price comparison industry for both electricity and gas would no function without brokers - the big energy companies in fact would not arguably function without the energy brokerage market. Not all energy brokers are out to make big money, many genuinely want to help UK business improve and save money.

We have a gas price comparison engine containing business gas suppliers - but don't take our word for it, try other comparison engines too such as or

 3. How can I trust the gas supplier?

Same old cliche, sorry! You will have to do your research and find out as much as possible about the gas suppliers or gas energy consultants available to you. No two businesses are the same - your business needs are unique to you, so find which gas provider is best.

To reiterate, check on for the customer service reviews to give you insight on the UK gas market. 

 4. Why go via a business energy broker, why not just go direct to the gas supplier?

We can negotiate with the gas company on your behalf. We can also find you the best deal on the business gas market. It is what we do everyday. We have spent the past 7 years building relationships with gas suppliers, gas producers, and gas consultants across the UK - We understand the gas market and have seen the changes at close hand over these years, especially to the energy market in general.

At the end of the day - you have choice, you and your business are more empowered today than at any other time in the past. So make your choice.

 5. Can I trust business gas brokers?

We have signed the TPI Code of Practice. It governs third party referrers to make sure we follow the rules agreed and are open and transparent.

Yes you can trust us. But you must do your research. If it makes you feel better call us for a chat or book a call and we will call you back.

6. Why should I bother to use a comparison engine for my gas - my current gas provider can give me a better deal?

Comparison engines often have access to all the gas suppliers on the market. That means finding the best business gas contract is as quicker and more efficient as ever. Your current gas provider may not necessarily give you the best deal. It's best to find one and then if you want to negotiate a better gas tariff will that supplier you will have something to barter with and leverage.

7. But don't the big suppliers produce their own gas, which means they're cheaper?

Yes but the larger companies are public companies, meaning they have profit share holder responsibility. Therefore, the best gas price is not always guaranteed just because they produce their own sources of gas. How they do things is as important as what they do.

8. Gas rates for a business can be substantially high but will signing up to a Business Green Deal help reduce costs?

Possibly yes, that's the point of the business green deal for SME's - by lending you a business loan to make the necessary improvements (installing double glazing, cavity wall or loft insulation, solar panels etc) the government is deferring payment allowing you to save. The target of course, is to save money on gas bills.

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