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modernising power grid

Energy Suppliers invest 5bn into modernising UK power grid

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Scottish Power has announced it will be taking steps to modernise its energy distribution infrastructure across parts of the UK power grid to improve reliability and lower customer costs. 

The investment totalling around £5.2bn could create up to 2,500 new jobs in the sector, which could rise to 4,000 over the next decade.

Power LinesSSE has announced developments which could lead to cheaper electricty prices for its customers by as early as 2015.

It plans on reducing distribution network costs by 10% for many customers in central southern England and northern Scotland.

Scottish Power’s main focus is an effort to protect against severe weather by renewing and strengthening power lines, cabling and substations relied on by many rural customers for their electricity supply. This includes more than 3.5 million in Scotland, Merseyside, North and Mid Wales.

CEO of Scottish Power Energy Networks Frank Mitchell said: “[The] investment will create thousands of highly-skilled jobs, as we will need a future generation of engineers and technicians to deliver upgrades.”

He also has confidence the developments will provide supportive foundation for growth for “generations to come” in the energy and wider industries.

Customers who are adversely affected by interruptions in their electricity supply due to the restructuring will benefit from plans to provide better compensatory payments. 

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