Whenever you set out to make a significant purchase, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you get the product or service that you want at a fair price. This is equally true whether you are investing in a home, booking a holiday or selecting an energy provider.

By visiting energy comparison sites such as Love Energy Savings, you can inform yourself on the different deals and tariffs available from both gas and electricity providers and then select your energy provider based on that information.

As well as helping you to make informed decisions that can save you money on your energy bills, energy comparison sites typically also provide a rich supply of energy industry news that you can use to keep yourself informed about any changes that are likely to affect you as an energy customer.

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Love Energy Savings offers daily industry news about gas and electricity suppliers and other news of interest to energy customers. This news may include, for example, any updates to government legislation in relation to the energy sector, new products or innovations within the energy industry, or initiatives that make it easier for energy customers to decide which provider to choose.

Recent changes include April 2014's launch of the RMR (retail market review), which has transformed price comparison within the energy sector. By ending the convention of tiered tariffs, the RMR has made it much simpler than in the past for energy customers to check the tariffs offered by different providers on energy comparison sites and, if they wish, to switch to new provider.

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As a customer, one of the principle reasons for visiting Love Energy Savings, or any other energy comparison sites for that matter, is to find out whether you are spending more than you need to by staying with your present energy provider and whether it might be wise to switch to a new provider who can offer you a better deal on your energy bill.

This is valuable information as it can save you a considerable sum of money and energy comparison sites provide that information free of charge as a no obligation service.

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