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Scottish Power Vows to Resolve Issues Following Ofgem Sales Ban Threat

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Scottish Power have vowed to fix their customer service issues amid the threat of a sales ban from the energy regulator, Ofgem. The supplier have taken the criticism on the chin and accepted that current standards are not acceptable and in a refreshing move, have promised that remedying the situation is at the top of its agenda.

Scottish Power is one of the Big Six Energy Suppliers and often offer home and business customers the best gas and electricity rates, but have come under fire for not giving customers the appropriate levels of care. As Ofgem continues its probe into the conduct of the Big Six, it has seen fit to step in and offer an ultimatum which threatens the energy firm with a selling ban, a move that would really hit Scottish Power where it hurts.

Ofgem also revealed that the supplier had an excessive backlog of complaints and was also failing to resolve complaints that had been referred to the energy industry ombudsman.

Results to Be Published On Website...

Moving forward, Scottish Power will be required to publish its progress in fixing the aforementioned problems on its website for all to see. If any of the targets are missed them the regulator will suspend sales activities, meaning that the profits of one of the biggest energy companies in the UK will be severely compromised.

Scottish Power has blamed the implementation of a new computer system for the issues but had apologised unreservedly for this affecting the happiness of their customers, who pay handsomely for their energy. The supplier is “determined to put things right”.

Our View...

“So often you see these Ofgem fines and ultimatums being issues, but no apology or promise of action from suppliers. We work with many of the UK’s most prominent gas and electricity suppliers and this reaction is really pleasing to see. We’re sure that with the expertise and resources available at Scottish Power, the issues will be sorted in no time and it will be business as usual. We will continue to offer Scottish Power as an option to any business or home customers, when they offer the best price here at Love Energy Savings! Said Phil Foster, Love Energy Savings CEO.

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