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UK Businesses To Be Paid to Use Less Energy By National Grid

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The much coveted fears over potential shutdowns of the UK’s power plants have led to deals between the National Grid and a host of UK businesses. The agreements will ensure that companies across the country which use mass amounts of power, will refrain from doing so at peak times of the day.

The deal gives the National Grid the “tools it needs to balance the power grid” after some uncertain times. The peak times in question are 4pm until 10pm on weekdays between November and February of next year and the arrangement will be of particular use if we get some harsh winter months.

319MW of energy has been secured as a result of the negotiation between the National Grid and these firms and will make up what is referred to as a “Demand Side Balancing Reserve”. 431 different companies have agreed to take part in the project, which has been necessary due to the unexpected close of power stations in the UK, as reported by Love Energy Savings just last month.

UK Businesses To Use Their Own Generators...

The UK businesses that have agreed to take part will basically use their own power generators when and if asked by the Grid during the winter. In return, they will be rewarded financially for the burden. The Grid has been able to implement this plan after emergency measures were taken to determine just how much electricity these businesses could produce in the event of a shortfall.

Despite the situation looking rather promising back in June, fires at the the E.ON owned Ironbridge plant and SSE’s Ferrybridge, as well as concerns over the safety at EDF Energy’s Heysham and at Hartlepool have proven to be game changers. These factors, as well as the closure of traditional plants in favour or more modern ones, have inevitably caused a shortfall in UK electricity production.

Mild Winter Would Alleviate Concerns...

The hope will be that the UK enjoys another mild winter and these measures prove to be purely precautionary, but should the big chill set in; these arrangements should mean that the lights (and the heaters) will not be going out.

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