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New EU Energy-Saving Regulations
Thursday January 8, 2015

Could the EU’s New “Sleep Mode” Reforms Put Our Energy Worries to Bed?

The EU has introduced even more regulations on domestic appliances in an attempt to reduce energy consumption. Will an automatic sleep mode be enough? more

Big Six Faces More Backlash for Energy Prices
Friday January 9, 2015

Big Six In Hot Water for Failing to Pass On Domestic Energy Savings

It hasn’t taken long. No sooner have we completed the first week of 2015, that we have the first reports of the Big Six energy suppliers in trouble for letting down home energy customers. more

falling oil prices
Friday January 16, 2015

Are Consumers Benefiting From Falling Oil Prices?

Labour warns that Ofgem should have the power to enforce energy companies to cut prices to reflect fall in wholesale energy costs. more

business energy makeover
Thursday January 22, 2015

7 Ways to Give Your Business An ‘Energy Makeover’ On a Budget

We all contemplate giving our appearance a complete makeover from time to time, but have you ever considered giving your home or business an ‘energy makeover’? If not, it’s high time that you did. more

Smart City
Thursday January 29, 2015

5 Smart Cities That We Should Try To Emulate

Love Energy Savings looks at five smart cities that are leading the charge against climate change. more

RESIZEDDollarphotoclub _76804417
Thursday February 5, 2015

Love Energy Savings Customers Now Qualify for a Free Conservation Survey

4 Way Energy, an energy conservation business, are offering Love Energy Savings customers a free site survey and evaluation. more

Business Gas And Electricity
Monday February 9, 2015

Are The Recent Energy Cuts Too Little Too Late?

In our latest feature, we take a look at whether the Big Six energy suppliers have added to the growing feeling of discontent from customers by keeping their rates artificially high. more

Love Energy Savings Energy Renewal Challenge
Wednesday February 11, 2015

We Will Beat Any Initial Energy Renewal Quote Or Pay You £1,000

We are always looking for ways to incentivise our customers here at Love Energy Savings and as such, we have come up with a deal that makes switching your energy with us an absolute no brainer. more

DECC Announce World's Biggest Windfarm Project
Wednesday February 18, 2015

Windfarm Project to Create Up to 900 Green Jobs in Yorkshire & Humberside

The Department of Energy & Climate Change has announced that up to 900 green jobs will be created through the construction of a brand new wind farm in Yorkshire and Humberside. The facility will be offshore and will also result in a multi-million pound boost for the area’s economy. more

CMA Confirms the Savings Being Missed by Energy Customers
Wednesday February 18, 2015

Initial CMA Inquiry Findings Reveal Worrying Trends for Energy Customers

As regular readers here at the Love Energy Savings news centre will already be well aware, we have been following the CMA investigation into the energy market ever since it was announced last summer. more

Ofgem Enforces Scottish Power Sales Ban
Wednesday March 4, 2015

Scottish Power to Stop Proactive Sales Activities for 12 Days

As we reported back in November of last year, Big Six heavyweights Scottish Power have been under increasing pressure from Ofgem to clean up their act with regard to customer satisfaction and this has culminated in an unprecedented sales ban from the energy watchdog. more

Lagoon Based Power Plants
Thursday March 12, 2015

UK To Be Global Pioneers of Lagoon Based Power Plants

We have been following with interest a story around lagoon based power plants, a concept the UK is looking to pioneer and push forward as a viable source of energy. more

love energy savings interview
Tuesday March 17, 2015

An Interview with Laurence Adams, ENWORKS

ENWORKS provides bespoke tailored on-site reviews for Greater Manchester SMEs wanting to increase energy efficiency and save money on their energy bills. What does the review entail? more

Love Energy Savings
Wednesday March 25, 2015

How To Compare 20+ Suppliers In One Impartial Search

Why we are the energy comparison company that you and your business can trust... more

are you an energy vampire
Thursday April 2, 2015

How You're Wasting Energy Without Knowing It

During this time of exciting technological revolutions, there are dark and sinister forces at play looking to halt this progress and heed our transition into an easy digital world by stealing our energy. more

E.ON Hit With Ofgem Fine
Thursday April 2, 2015

E.ON To Pay £7.75m To Citizens Advice Energy Best Deal Extra

E.ON who provide energy for both domestic and commercial energy customers, have paid £7.75 million to the Citizens Advice Energy Best Deal Extra programme as a result of their price hikes. more

save money with love energy savings
Monday April 13, 2015

How To Save Your Business Money Using Eco Friendly Energy Solutions

Love Energy Savings know there is a lot of dispute regarding what the best methods are to save money on electricity bills as well as the added attraction of being an eco-friendly business. more

Fresh Oil Sign 1
Wednesday April 15, 2015

How Excited Should We Be About the Gatwick Oil Find?

Many of us will have woken up to some interesting news last week, that significant yields of oil had been found near Gatwick. Love Energy Savings take a look at just how big a discovery this is, and whether or not it is likely to impact domestic or commercial energy customers in the UK. more

Green planet: How to make energy savings
Monday April 27, 2015

Weird Renewables

Energy can be generated is so many different ways, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest innovations. However, sometimes the most strange and quirky methods are the best. Here’s just a few crazy ways power can be generated. Enjoy! more

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines
Thursday May 7, 2015

5 Reasons why the UK is becoming THE place for renewable energy

The winds of change are starting to blow throughout the UK, especially when it comes to renewable energy. With news regarding climate change targets and rising gas prices dominating the media, politicians and public at the moment, it’s no wonder that green renewable energy is a hot topic. more

Monday May 11, 2015

5 Wild Energy Alternatives

Animal renewables - We are still searching for the fuel of the future but could our furry friends be the answer? Chickentricity, Electrophorus Electricus, Bacteria and Cows could be the answer we are searching for! more

David Cameron
Wednesday May 13, 2015

Election fallout: What now for the UK’s energy industry?

Prior to voting day, there was a great deal of speculation surrounding each of the major political parties and their policies concerning Britain’s energy, largely thanks to the well-publicised energy bill crisis. But with a winner being declared, the public will now be wondering whether the Conservatives will be delivering on their promises. We take a look at the energy policies that were outlined and what is being asked of the current government to ensure a strong future for Britain’s energy and environment. more

Collective Switching
Thursday May 28, 2015

How People Can Generate Energy

Ever though that humans could be doing more than just the daily grind? Here you will see a few ways that we can adapt to become an energy source ourselves. more

TELCA Award Nominated
Tuesday June 9, 2015

Love Energy Savings are finalists in the 2015 TELCA awards

We’re proud to announce Love Energy Savings are finalists in the prestigious Energy Live Consultancy Awards, for Energy Consultancy of the Year and Unsung Hero more

Get Your Hotel To Meet The Green Standard
Wednesday June 10, 2015

Eco Friendly, Money Saving Solutions: Hotels

Eco-friendly policies are no longer viewed as “nice to have” for businesses across the globe. With ambitious climate change targets being set in legal stone, coupled with the fact that consumers are becoming increasingly wary about working with companies that have an archaic attitude towards green issues, businesses simply must endeavour to be more environmentally friendly. more

A green wall in an office
Tuesday June 16, 2015

Run an office? How to save money on your business energy bills

Eco-friendly policies are becoming a must have for businesses worldwide. This is due to consumers becoming increasingly wary regarding working with companies that have a high environmental impact. With climate change target implementations close to being set in legal stone; businesses must now strive to be more environmentally friendly lest they suffer the consequences. more

The Effects Of El Niño
Wednesday June 17, 2015

What El Nino Could Mean For Your Business

El Niño is a term used to describe a series of climatic fluctuations that affect weather patterns throughout the world. And this year it’s already begun.... more

Shortlisted for Love Energy Savings Awards 2015
Tuesday June 23, 2015

Love Energy Savings Awards 2015 - Shortlist Announced

Are you actively cutting your business energy consumption? Perhaps you could learn something from the Love Energy Savings Awards 2015 nominees. more

An end to wind farm subsidies could end in unemployment for thousands
Thursday June 25, 2015

How Will An End To Onshore Wind Farm Subsidies Affect UK Businesses?

An end to onshore wind farm subsidies could cause a ripple effect through other industries. How will this affect your business? more

George Osborne
Wednesday July 8, 2015

Emergency Budget 2015: What Does the Future Hold for Business Energy?

All eyes were on London on Wednesday as the first Chancellor of the Exchequer of a Conservative majority government in nearly 20 years stood up to deliver an emergency Budget, a mere four months after the last one. Top priorities for this Budget were rumoured to include pension reforms, welfare cuts, and employment, but there was another issue at the forefront of many people’s minds; the subject of energy and bills, particularly for SMEs. more

Money saving tips created to help SME's
Friday July 10, 2015

20 Smart Money Saving Tips For Businesses

20 money saving tips for businesses: These tips could help you to reduce your overheads, increase your cost effectiveness and give your business a better chance of growth and success. more

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Wednesday July 15, 2015

How Can Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

The UK’s latest greenhouse gas emission figures have been released but how can businesses go about cutting their carbon footprint? more

Love Energy Savings & Bring Digital Team Up To Give You A Free Webinar
Thursday July 16, 2015

The Ultimate Introduction: Getting on page one of Google and winning business

Love Energy Savings teamed up with online marketing experts Bring Digital to give you a fantastic opportunity to expand your digital marketing knowledge via a complimentary webinar. more

Ikea to start a new energy efficient trend
Wednesday August 12, 2015

Lighting the Way: Will Ikea Start a New Trend?

Ikea have announced that from September 2015 they will only sell efficient LED lightbulbs, so we explore why you too should make the switch. more

Businesses invest in renewables
Wednesday August 26, 2015

How Can Businesses Invest in Being Green?

Despite government cuts to subsidies, businesses are still investing in renewables. We explore how companies can makes themselves greener. more

Love Energy Savings Customer Loyalty Scheme
Thursday August 27, 2015

Loyalty Survey: Find Out What Makes Your Customers Stay

Leading energy price comparison website Love Energy Savings has launched an innovative new survey to find out exactly what drives customer loyalty. more

Giving you a fairer energy market
Monday August 10, 2015

Love Energy Savings TPI Code of Practice

The TPI code of practice sets the standard for fair, transparent, responsible and high quality TPIs acting as intermediaries between energy suppliers and consumers. more

Business Owner Morning Motivation
Thursday September 10, 2015

How to start your business day motivated

There must be a way to combat stress and get your week off to a motivated start so that you can run your business to the best of your abilities. Actually, there are several! more

Eco-friendly state funded schools
Thursday September 10, 2015

Energy saving tips for schools

The demand on schools in the UK is getting ever higher and the pressure is on to find ways to save money, click here for more info... more

Monday September 14, 2015

Love Energy Savings bank £4.5m investment deal given by NVM.

As the leading energy price comparison company we’re set to storm the energy market over the upcoming months. Find out how we're expanding here... more

Jonathan Austin
Tuesday September 29, 2015

A Working Day in the Life of…Jonathan Austin, CEO of Best Companies.

In this exclusive interview, Jonathan speaks from experience and reveals what it takes to become the Best business! more

Business Gadgets
Tuesday September 1, 2015

Smart Business Gadgets

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace; with tasks that once took hours to complete now being perfected at the click of a button, this is without a doubt, good for business as recent leaps forward in smart technology are increasing productivity and metamorphosing our approach the daily grind. more

Wednesday October 7, 2015

The business opportunities of Halloween

The Halloween and seasonal markets have captivated the UK for many years now - it's now estimated to be worth in excess of £280M - Find out what your business can do to benefit this Halloween more

Business Loyalty Schemes
Thursday October 8, 2015

How to Build a Great Customer Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty schemes are a great way to improve engagement and reward your customers. We tell you how to build the perfect scheme for your business. more

Business vs Customer Loyalty
Wednesday October 14, 2015

The difference between business and customer loyalty

Many loyalty schemes fall flat because the company in question didn't do their research. Here's the results of the Love Energy Savings customer loyalty survey entailing how to build the perfect scheme for your business. more

Business Energy For Dummies
Thursday October 15, 2015

Business Energy For Dummies

This business energy for dummies guide is for the UK business owners that still aren't getting the message that it pays to stay on top of your business energy. more

Green office
Thursday October 22, 2015

Big Energy Saving Week: 5 Ways to Lower Your Business Energy Bills this Winter

Winter is around the corner. Find out how you can save substantial sums of money for your business in the fourth quarter of 2015. more

Monday December 7, 2015

Robert Buckley, Director of Cornwall Energy, on the Future of the Energy Sector

Robert Buckley, Director of Cornwall Energy, speaks to Love Energy Savings about their recent £4.5 million investment from NVM, and what investment means for the future of the energy sector. more

Monday December 14, 2015

How will your business be affected by recent government reforms?

The Chancellor's most recent Autumn Budget announced many new proposals which will affect SMEs across the country. We take a closer look at what these changes could mean. more

Wednesday December 16, 2015

5 Things We Learned From the Paris COP21 Climate Talks

Nearly 200 leaders recently gathered in Paris to take part in the COP21 Climate Talks. The discussions started in late November and lasted for two weeks in efforts to stop the planet's temperature rising any further. We take a look at the five biggest things we learned. more

Wednesday December 23, 2015

Can SMEs really be carbon neutral? Here are 4 tips to set you on your way...

The New Year is almost upon us, and many businesses will be exploring how they can save money and cut back on their energy bills in 2016. We explore the concept of being carbon neutral, and what SMEs across the country can do to achieve it. more

Wednesday December 23, 2015

4 marketing predictions that small businesses should look out for in 2016

We're almost at the end of 2015 and businesses across the country will be looking ahead to the New Year and thinking about how they can beat the competition. Give your company a re-vamp from the inside out and read on for our top four marketing predictions for 2016. more

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