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How To Combat Your Pre Pay Meter Costing You Extra

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Recently, at the New Bury Centre, when encouraging people to switch their supplier and save money, we repeatedly came across the same issue stopping us from doing this: Pre paid meters!

The households in the surrounding area of the New Bury centre are just a fraction of the 5 million people in the UK, tied down and frustrated with their suppliers due to the lack of choice being offered to them.

Most consumers use a standard meter which offers a variety of choices on tariffs from green to duel fuel to fixed and online options. Standard meter holding customers are definitely getting the better end of the deal. Not to mention that if they pay via direct debit (which isn’t an option on pre pay) they can be applicable for even more discounts! 

The story from a pre pay meter customers point of view is of course entirely, and somewhat concerningly, different.   Pre paid meter customers tend to only have ONE EXPENSIVE TARIFF available to them, which they are in some cases forced into accepting due to the meters in their homes being the property of a particular energy supplier. This makes switching that much more difficult because customers would have to change their meter in order to change supplier, which is just time consuming hassle.

Obviously the consumer doesn’t want to have to deal with this stress. However, suppliers play on this sort of acceptance as the consumer either doesn’t have the knowledge, time or leverage to fight back and get themselves a better deal. 

Raising awareness of this atrocity is the only way to make a change and ensure that everyone is being treated fairly. So, if you can, Love energy savings advice is call your energy company and lose the meter. You could save yourself up to £300 per year, which is potentially a well deserved holiday for all of your trouble!

Don’t allow yourself, your family or your business be bullied into paying more than you need to. Once you have ditched your meter, we can give you the best tariff using our completely transparent and impartial comparison site or simply give us a call on 0800 9888 375 for some free advice.

We are here to help you, we are here to be fair and we are here to save you money. We are so confident in our ability to do this that we offer a GUARANTEE that if you beat our price on your renewal quote we will give you £1000!*

Throughout the process know that we have your best interests at heart and will use our combined buying power to help you join the 36,000 businesses that have collectively save £60 million, from switching through us. It’s no wonder we have a trust pilot score of 5 STARS.



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