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How Your Business Can Become An Energy Champion

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There will be many things that your business is good at. Depending on your niche, you will be excellent at your USP which is why your customers love you. So, what more can you do to give your organisation that cutting edge?

Energy is something that is always at the back of our minds, especially when it comes to our domestic bills, but it seems to be overlooked from a commercial point of view, but why? Energy efficiency is something that can give your company a real boost as well as providing the obvious benefits for the environment.

What Are The Benefits of Energy Efficiency?

There are actually tonnes of benefits to your business adopting a green approach and we have listed some of the quicker wins below. It could be well worth giving these some thought for your business, whether you are an SME or large business.

- Is your business heating out of date or fault? Storage heaters or even just old equipment can be costing you a small fortune. Why not take a look at replacing with more modern heaters, as these will not only heat your premises far quicker but will also be a lot cheaper in the long run.

- Could you install insulation in the workplace? If the premises belongs to you then you could dramatically reduce the amount of heating you need by using solid wall, cavity wall or loft insulation.

- Does your workplace have double glazed windows? Many energy efficiency directives have the installation of double glazing at their core as it is perhaps the most failsafe way of keeping warm air in and cold air out. There is also the added advantage of double glazing being far more secure than single glazing.

- Similarly, are you using old lighting apparatus? Energy saving lightbulbs are extremely affordable these days and also a lot more effective than they used to be. Dated tube lights are not only extremely bad for the planet, but they will be hitting your business electricity bills very hard indeed. Click here to read our guide on LED lighting.

- Renewable energy generation. This is one which, if implemented by your business, could see your company seen as real energy efficiency champions. If you have a business premises which could accommodate PV solar panels or heat pumps then you should get these installed at all costs. Not only will you be able to start producing your own renewable energy, but in some cases you will even be able to sell your surplus to the National Grid and gain financially.

For more information and resources on boosting your energy efficiency, the Carbon Trust website is a fantastic resource.

Recent research suggests that by making these changes in your workplace could lead to an internal rate of return (IRR) of up to 20%. You don’t have to be a mathematical whizz to realise that this could mean a significant boost for your company’s profitability. Indeed, the Carbon Trust has worked on thousands of energy efficiency initiatives over the years and has seen some businesses see IRR’s of nearly 50%.

Energy Efficiency As An Investment

When you really think about all the investments your business is making, energy efficiency could actually prove to be one of the more prudent ones you make this financial year.  This will obviously depend on the size and ilk of your company, but can you think of a venture you are currently involved with which could yield returns of between 20% and 50%?

energy efficiency champion

In addition to all of this, your customers will love you. As global warming, carbon footprint and energy efficiency rise further and further up the political agenda, more and more consumers are looking to use companies that promote the environment. By ensuring you are green business, you can show this energy efficiency rating off to your customers which will help to boost sales.

There Is More Good News For Your Business

With all that said and done, there is actually more good news for your business with regards to its energy. As you start to make the above savings on your gas and electricity bills as a result of energy efficiency, there is one more way you can boost your company’s bottom line and that is by seeing if your business is with the right supplier and indeed, on the right tariff.

The startling fact of the matter is that up to 70% of the UK’s SME’s have never switched energy supplier, which means they are most probably on expensive standard rate gas and electricity deals.

There are two ways that you can go about rectifying this for your organisation.

The first one is to get in touch with every business energy supplier in the UK and see what prices they offer you. Once you have your preferred quote, you can then go about contacting your current supplier with a view to getting out of your current deal, you can then see what date you can leave and then get back in touch with your prospective new supplier and look to get moved over as quickly as possible. The problem with this is that your incumbent energy supplier will most probably do everything they can to delay or even stop  you from switching at all and the process can take some time and also mean a great deal of hassle and resource for your company.

The second and surely most prudent way to switch energy suppliers is by using Love Energy Savings. All you need to do is put your business postcode into the box at the right or bottom of this page and we will do all the aforementioned hard work for you. We will find you the very best deal, take care of all the paperwork and negotiations for your company and you will even get a dedicated account manager who will be able to take care of the whole process for you in a year’s time and going forward if a better deal turns up. The whole process will take a matter of minutes and you can crack on with the things that make your business so great, with a fantastic peace of mind that you are on the perfect energy deal.

Double Energy Win for Your Business

So, between becoming energy efficiency champions and switching your company to the best energy tariff, it is plain to see how important a consideration energy is for any business. It still takes our breath away here at Love Energy Savings when we think about the number of businesses that keep wasting money on expensive heating and lighting and paying well over the odds every month for their energy.

Why not take the first steps to saving serious cash for your business today? You can learn even more about the savings your business can make by taking a look at our Energy Challenge Infographic.

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