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Can Changing Work Patterns Lower Your Business Energy Bills?

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Can changing work patterns lower your business energy bills?

Would you consider amending your business hours to take advantage of lower energy tariffs?

According to Bloomberg, because of the growing use of renewable energy sources, power prices in the UK are set to fall below zero during off-peak hours before the end of the decade. The National Grid has released the information, which highlights what happens when supply exceeds demand.


Much like homeowners may choose to wash and dry their clothes at night, business owners are now being encouraged to find ways to spread their electricity consumption out more equally. Your firm could play an active role in cutting average UK power rates by lowering your energy usage during peak hours, and seizing the moment when plenty of green power is available.

Making the jump

From offices and supermarkets to factories and retail outlets, working patterns have changed dramatically in recent years, and this could help companies to curb the amount of energy they use during busy periods. For the record, off-peak hours for the National Grid fall between 9:00pm and 8:00am.


Factories that operate at night in order to have their products freshly delivered, warehouses that work overnight to fulfil orders and supermarkets that allow ‘pickers’ to work early in the morning to pack groceries bought online ready for delivery are already making their mark. Increased globalisation has also forced many businesses to alter their standard working hours, as different time zones need to be taken into account.

Obviously, these flexible shift patterns are not easy for all businesses to adopt. Working night shifts restricts young employees who are under the age of 18 and of course could put


greater risks on the safety of staff operating machinery. Aside from this, many companies are still very much customer-facing, which means they’ll inevitably be operating during peak energy-consumption periods.

However, rather than drastically changing your working times, you might be able to make a few tweaks that can help you to run more efficiently as a business. Opening that few hours earlier or later could allow your company to take advantage of low power prices and balance out the charges overall.

How can you reduce your energy consumption during peak times?

Of course, we should also be aiming to cut our consumption during peak hours. You can’t always change your shift patterns to suit peaks and troughs in the National Grid’s electricity supply, so here are five tips to help you lower your bills.

  • CFL & LED lighting

Greener lighting systems should be implemented in your offices to ensure you’re not draining energy reserves. Compact fluorescent lighting is perfect for warehouses and factories, emitting clean rays that illuminate your working environment.

  • 5-star appliances

We pay close attention to the gadgets and machinery that allow us to efficiently and safely conduct our daily activities, but have you considered the appliances in the staff room? If you have a fridge and other appliances for your employees to prepare food on their lunch break, you may want to take a closer look at the efficiency rating on each appliance.

  • Air conditioning

Lowering your air conditioning by just 1C could reduce an annual bill by up to 8%, according to the Carbon Trust. If it has that impact on your bills, think about how it lowers your energy consumption in general too!

  • When you’re closed, you should be closed!

Perhaps it’s not feasible for you to change your opening hours, but there are many businesses that are running for 24 hours a day without even realising it. If you’ve got vending machines or drinks dispensers, turn them off at night. Make sure all staff are turning their laptops at the end of the day, too.

  • Switch your business energy supplier

Instead of making sweeping changes to the way your business operates, or taking extreme measures that could alienate your staff, it’ll be more cost effective to ensure you’re not paying over the odds for the electricity you’re already using. By making a quick, easy business energy comparison, you can make substantial savings on your monthly bills (Love Energy Savings help customers save 40% on their bills on average).

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