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Shortlisted for Love Energy Savings Awards 2015

Love Energy Savings Awards 2015 - Shortlist Announced

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Love Energy Savings Awards 2015 Nominees

Whilst our main aim may be to reduce your business energy bills, we have great admiration for companies big and small that go the extra mile to reduce their eco footprint.

We’re all about spreading the love here at Love Energy Savings and that’s why we launched an awards scheme to recognise businesses that make a concerted effort to protect the environment.

We were inundated with fantastic entries to the Love Energy Savings Awards and were bowled over by the standard that all the companies met. After great deliberation from our judging panel, we’ve managed to narrow down the nominees and we must say that it was no easy feat!

Each category surpassed our expectations greatly and it was amazing to see how other companies act to lower their business energy consumption.

The nominees are as follows:

SME Saver

This category really showed what a huge impact SMEs can have. It doesn’t just take the actions of a massive company to change our attitudes towards greener living. We really can all do our bit and smaller businesses that care about our environment pass this ethos on to younger generations in their community.

Newlands Adventure Centre Ltd

Bluebell Fitted Furniture Ltd

House of Strauss Ltd

Earth Save Products Ltd

Super Saver

Our Super Saver category examined the efforts of businesses with over 250 employees, or those that use energy on a large scale. These businesses all displayed strong strategies to handle just how much energy they’re using.

Adactus Housing Group

Keel Row Shopping Centre

The Galleries Shopping Centre

Landmark Environmental

Innovative Saver

The Innovative Saver category was particularly interesting. We were on the search for unique strategies to tackle business energy usage and there were certainly some impressive lengths that businesses went to! It’s going to be tough to choose a winner for this award.

Bolton Market

Romford Shopping Hall

Click Hearing

Heatsavr Canary Islands

Stars of the Future

Finally, our business energy awards wouldn’t be complete without the shortlist for our Stars of the Future accolade. These organisations have gone to great lengths to promote eco awareness and back up their campaigns with their own conscious efforts.

The University of Salford

The University of Bradford

Lipson Community College

The University of Cardiff

Our awards aren’t just about saving money on business energy bills, it’s about having a CSR policy that really matters and makes an impact. Any business can talk the talk when it comes to having an eco stance, but these shortlisted nominees actually put their policies into action.

With a genuine passion for the environment and how our actions shape our surroundings, each nominee has displayed a sincere action plan for reducing their business gas and electricity usage that we can all learn from.

The winners for these prestigious awards will be announced on July 13th 2015, and it’s going to be a tough choice!

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