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Employ These Tactics To Cut Electricity Prices


You don’t need us to tell you that the cost of business gas and commercial electricity has soared in recent years. In fact, your business energy bills have doubled over the last decade which is part of the reason the team here at Love Energy Savings is so committed to driving down your company’s outgoings. For this reason, energy efficiency and sustainability have gone to the top of the agenda for the government and organisations such as the Carbon Trust.

Save Energy At Work

There are many benefits to your business adopting a green approach to energy. Not only is it in the interests of the environment but many customers will look more favourably on organisations who are doing their bit for the planet. Perhaps more importantly though, long-term energy efficiency measures can reduce your costs and ultimately improve your bottom line. However, recent research shows that much like energy comparison, a large proportion of the companies in the UK are unaware of the technology available and the relatively low costs involved with “going green”.

So, what methods can your business employ to reduce costs and successfully implement a sustainable green energy plan, without going to extremes?

LED Lights

For anyone not familiar, a LED is a ‘light emitting diode’ and is seen by many to be one of the quickest wins when it comes to streamlining energy usage in the workplace. Compare to traditional and thirsty light bulbs, LED’s produce less heat and are therefore far more effective. Whereas a standard light bulb produces up to 1,000 lumens, an LED bulb would produce just over 50 in normal conditions. If you manage to get LED lighting used around your office or workplace, then you can expect to enjoy the benefits very quickly as your energy bills reduce. Some organisations who use an awful lot of lighting have seen savings of in excess of £30,000 from employing this energy saving tactic, which is food for thought I’m sure.

Smart Energy Management

As you may well have seen in our popular Guide to Smart Energy Management & Automation, this is seen to be the future of energy control at home and in the workplace.  Go and take a look for yourself, but for the sake of this feature we will run through the basics.

These devices, which are effectively very advanced thermostats have been created by a number of manufacturers and adopted by various energy suppliers. For instance, the Nest has been acquired by Google and distributed in the UK via nPower. There are also a plethora of smart sensors and meters available which all allow for easier monitoring of energy use and reduce costs significantly – you can also do all sorts of cool stuff like turn your hot water on from your car and make sure everything is turned off when the last person leaves the building!

Other benefits of smart monitoring include assessing each individual appliance and even cutting off energy supply if there is a leak of some sort. These pieces of kit obviously allow your business to get analytics of everything that is going on with your gas and electricity supply. Massive brands in the US such as Walmart have used these devices to make savings of epic proportions and this has had the obvious positive repercussions for the environment.

Who Has Embraced This Technology in the UK?

In principle, any business can take advantage of these techniques to lower their bills and help the planet.  However, conglomerations of businesses can use them to even more effect when it comes to lighting and energy. For instance, Clapham Junction railway station in London, one of the busiest terminals in the capital; managed to reduce its energy usage by 40% by streamlining its lighting. Although a substantial investment was needed to implement the changes, it is thought that annual savings of more than £7 million for the rail networks will now be enjoyed. With this in mind, think how much you may be able to save for your business which can then be used to boost your profitability. Small sized energy control systems can be applied for less than £6,000 and the long term advantages can be huge; if you are in any doubt about your commercial energy needs then do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Love Energy Savings.

Generate Solar Power For Your Business

Once you have explored all the above opportunities and of course used our free energy comparison tool to ensure you are on the right gas, electricity or duel tariff then solar can help you to push your savings to the next level. You may be surprised at how much energy your business can generate and you can even sell any surplus to the National Grid to make even more money. Renewable technology is getting more and more advanced all the time so there may never have been a better time to embrace this for your firm.

Solar power, photovoltaic or simply PV as it is known is far cheaper to install than it was when it first emerged onto the market. In addition to this, the aforementioned advances in technology have resulted in the efficiency of this equipment being far better indeed. It doesn’t matter if your business property is small, medium or large; solar power is definitely a worthwhile investment. Keep your eyes peeled for the Love Energy Savings guide to Feed In Tariffs, which will explain more about how you can make money from the energy your business generates.

Do You Deliver?

If your business delivers items, then why not look into switching your entire fleet of vehicles to electricity? This may well seem like a bold move but can have the obvious advantage and a whole lot more. Electric vans are now affordable and although it may seem like a palaver, these are the kinds of things that can separate you from your competitors. There are subsidies available from the government which could make going electric a bit more of an attractive proposition for your company. Take away the lack of congestion charge if you work in London, fuel costs and other outgoings involved with fuel guzzlers, and you have something quite beautiful. Just think how good it could be for your firm to say that it is utterly green! Just think about it. A vehicle batter is currently less than £100 and charging is less than a quid.

Why not look to adopt these measures for your business today and reap the long term benefits? If you wish to discuss moving to a cheaper business energy tariff or any other aspect of your gas and business electricity usage, please get in touch with Love Energy Savings.

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