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Spot the Difference: Domestic Energy vs. Commercial Energy

You’ve seen the headlines. Consumers are paying far too much on their home energy bills. Rising prices, low supply margins and unethical suppliers all contribute to the figure on that monthly bill, which seems to get higher and higher each month. As a homeowner, you may be acutely aware of this as you plan your household budget, so why should it be any different for your business?

Commercial energy customers are facing the same issues as their domestic counterparts and yet while it’s common place for homeowners to switch their supplier or tariff to save money, 30% of business owners openly admit they haven’t switched supplier in over 5 years!

The perception is that switching for a business is a harder task than for homeowners but it shouldn’t be.

At Love Energy Savings, we make it easy to switch your business energy tariff as we do all the hard work for you. Admittedly it is slightly different to sorting out your domestic energy contract but we’re here to help you spot the differences and save you lots of money too!

We’ve created this handy table for you to quickly identify variations between your domestic and commercial energy supplies but if you require any further help our friendly energy experts are always on hand to explain the process in more detail.

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