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Large Energy Supply Quotes

We guarantee to beat any energy quote when it comes to large energy supplies & half hourly meters! Our years of expertise and innovative technology mean you can save serious cash on mass energy supply and your half hourly meters

Reverse Auction Half Hourly Tendering

We guarantee to find you the best energy prices on the market through our reverse auction half hourly tendering, and always keep you in complete control of the process. We also ensure that all contact options are available and transparent fees are paid by the supplier in question. And, as is always the case here at Love Energy Savings, excellent customer care is at the heart of the whole tendering process. Our automated system ensures that you always get the very best deal available.

We Guarantee the Best Rates!

Our brand new half hourly electricity comparison system means that you can get completely transparent electricity prices. They are live and direct from all of the trusted suppliers in the UK and because they are competitively bidding for your business, you can be sure of the best rates in the country.

With an average saving of 5% to be made in an utterly transparent marketplace, there is no better place to get your half hourly rates, than right here at Love Energy Savings.

What Are The Criteria?

You just need to be spending £50k per annum on your energy bill to qualify for reverse auctioning with Love Energy Savings. If you are spending a great deal on your business electricity via your half hourly meter, then this system is absolutely perfect for your business.

So, How Does it Work?

  • Customer authorises Love Energy Savings to enter the online auction with suppliers
  • The auction is fully managed by qualified Auction Account Managers
  • Customers remain in full control and view the bids directly from suppliers
  • The reverse auction process forces intense competition from all bidders
  • Site specific pricing is calculated from the wholesale market
  • We then compares all half hourly fixed and flex offers instantly
  • We advise customers on settlement, risks and potential rewards
  • Typically 10% better than fixed renewals and up to 20% or more improvement on flex
  • Customer has no obligation to settle unless totally satisfied

With our exciting new reverse auction system, there are is no subcription which means no commitment or hidden extras. You just get the very best rates for your electricity from the most trusted suppliers on the market for Free!

Call Love Energy Savings on 0800 9888375, to take the first steps to cheaper electricity for your business!

How Love Energy Savings Can Assist With Large Energy Supplies

If you represent a business which uses large amounts of energy, then our innovative energy procurement service could well be perfect for you. Through a combination of our trading expertise in the energy market, financial risk management techniques and our state of the art technology, we can get the very best quotes for your business and save you a fortune.

Call Love Energy Savings today on 0800 9888375, and we will get this moving for you right away!

We Guarantee to Beat Any Other Energy Quote!

The revolutionary design used here at Love Energy Savings instantly compares all the fixed and flex prices on the business energy market. Then, our online reverse auctions ensure that you get full transparency, choice and control.

Why not call Love Energy Savings on 0800 9888375 today, to start saving money on your business electricity?

Half Hourly Meters

Half hourly meters (aka HH) are ideal for any business that uses a large amount of electricity as it allows you to easily monitor and pay for your usage. Similarly to a smart meter, a half hourly meters takes your reading and transmits it via a phone connection. This can be ideal when it comes to highlighting what times of the day are costing your business the most amount of money when it comes to your electricity consumption.

Does My Business Need a Half Hourly Meter?

If your business has a peak electrical demand greater than 100KW in any half hour period, then you'll need a Half Hourly Meter. Businesses that use more than 70KWh may request to have one installed nu they are mandatory for any organisations using more than the aforementioned amount of power.

How Long is a Half Hourly Meter Contract?

Generally, half hourly contracts will range from 1 to 3 years in length.

How Do I Find Out if I Have a Half Hourly Meter?

Check your MPAN. If your MPAN starts with ‘00’ then you have a Half Hourly Meter (see image right). If you have an 05, 06, 07, 08 MPAN number then you have a light or voluntary Half Hourly Meter.

Why Would I Want One For My Business?

A half hourly meter gives you the most accurate billing possible, which is especially important for high electricity usage customers. Due to the huge numbers involved, estimated billing is not feasible as it could end up with very large amounts of money being paid out and then reimbursed unnecessarily.

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Are There Any Other Benefits of a Half Hourly Meter?

They’re also really useful for finding out when your peak electricity demand times are, which can help you make assumptions about where your expenditure is going so you can save money by making your business more energy efficient. Leave us a message or call us and we'll help find you the best half hourly contract for your business with the most seamless switch possible.

Need Some Help?

As with any aspect of your business energy, you can call Love Energy Savings on 0800 9888375 if you need any advice or assistance when it comes to half hourly meters. Due to a wide range of factors, such as changing wholesale market prices, variable hedging tactics from the suppliers and detailed data analysis; half hourly meter contract negotiations can be complex. Why not let one of our business energy specialists take care of this for you, so you can get on with running your business? Either give us a call or get in touch through the site and we can get the ball rolling!

Industrial and Business Energy Contracts, Tailored for You

Half Hourly CTAWe make no secret of the fact that we do things a bit differently, which is why we are able to deal with the challenges face in the ever-thriving energy market. We have complete faith in the fact that we use the very best techniques from the financial services and energy brokerage sectors, the results we get really speak for themselves.

What’s more, keeping you in the driving seat at all times is seen as essential so that complete transparency is achieved. You need to know all of your options before making a decision regarding your business energy contract, so this system really works for everybody. Whilst all of this is going on, our team of energy specialists will be putting in the work behind the scenes in order to ensure that your expectations are being met.

What Other Reasons Are There for Using Love Energy Savings?

As we think we may have mentioned, we take great pride in going the extra mile for all of our business energy customers. Here are a few more reasons why using our expertise and technology for your energy procurement really is a no brainer;

  • Free advice on energy strategy
  • Free tender design
  • Free advice on settlement
  • Free smart meters
  • Free account management
  • Free bill validation
  • Free Price Risk Reports

Where Did We Get Our Expertise?

The Love Energy Savings expertise derives from working in a range of scenarios, not least;

  • Energy market trading
  • Oil market trading
  • Professional risk management analysis
  • Energy software designing
  • Managing national broker networks
  • Delivering training to major suppliers