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How Can I Use Heat Pumps to Boost Energy Efficiency?

heat pumps for energy efficiency

We’re not just concerned with providing you with unbeatable business energy quotes here at Love Energy Savings. Although that has always been our mission, we are also utterly committed to giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your gas and electricity and also becoming thought leaders in an ever-temperamental industry.

With this in mind, one area we are very passionate about is energy efficiency. It is all well and good getting your on to the lowest possible energy rates, as many energy comparison sites claim to do but this could still be flawed if you are wasting power all over the place. This can quite often be the case with business energy, due to the amount of appliances which could be wasting gas and electricity. As such, we have been putting out a number of energy guides, so you can have full confidence that you are paying the lowest prices for your energy. If you haven’t yet performed a free comparison to get the cheapest gas and electricity prices you can do so right away by sticking your postcode into the box provided.

This energy guide focuses on an energy efficiency method which is growing in popularity in the UK, heat pumps. So how can this renewable energy technique help you with your business energy efforts?

Key Benefits of Heat Pumps for Energy Efficiency

-          Heat generated from heat pumps is rewarded via the Renewable Heat Incentive for 20 years and fluctuates dependent on inflation.

-          Heat pumps will provide payback within between three to six years.

-          Heat energy can be sourced from water, the ground and the air making it an extremely versatile energy saving technique.

-          When installed, heat pumps can often provide all the heating and hot water a premises requires. Crucially, this reduces and sometimes eliminates reliance on fossil fuels.

-          Energy efficiency levels can be boosted by up to 400%, due to the fact that heat pumps work just like refrigerators but in reverse.

-          Heat can be extracted from the air even when the temperature is as cool as -15 ° c

-          You can even look to raise some additional income for your business or home through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scheme.

So, there are three different types of heat pump, these being air source, ground source and water source. The most common is the air source heat pump as this transfers heat between the premises and outside, making the cool air cooler and the warm air (yep, you guessed it), warmer. They are becoming more and more common as energy efficiency devices both for homes and businesses across the UK and can complement our fantastic gas and electricity quotes when looking to lower your monthly outgoings.

If you would like to speak to an energy advisor about any aspect of your domestic or commercial energy, just stick your postcode into the box at the right or bottom of this energy guide. We can then find you the cheapest prices and also speak to you about your individual needs and requirements.