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Business Energy for High Electricity and Gas Users

Energy consultancy for the commercial world

Love Energy Savings have been providing commercial energy procurement services since 2007. We’ve helped over 100,000 businesses to find more cost-effective energy deals which has accumulatively saved them millions of pounds.  With a wealth of expertise and fantastic supplier relationships we are well armed to s your business in considerably cutting down on energy costs.

A bespoke buying strategy for your business

We understand that, as a large energy user you require a more specialised approach when it comes to finding a cheaper deal on your gas and electricity and, here at Love Energy Savings, we can provide that bespoke buying strategy. This guarantees an independent approach for each and every customer.

Our mission at Love Energy Savings has always been to save businesses money on their commercial gas and electricity and if your business consumes over 55,000kwh of electricity or 200,000kwh of gas a year, the savings you could be making are substantial.

We invest our time, devotion and specialised industry expertise into each proposal to ensure every client benefits from a bespoke buying strategy. We work hard to simplify the market, which can often become a complicated place, so you can focus on the most important thing; running your business.

We’re simply better

Our specialised industry experts have a wealth of knowledge in the high energy procurement market and understand the challenges faced by large businesses or those businesses that work in an energy intensive sector.

We’re committed to being fully transparent with our customers, promoting compliance within the industry – that’s our promise to you.

What kind of large energy user are you?

Multi-site or Multi-meter

If you are a multi-site or large business with numerous meters it can sometimes be tricky to keep track of all your contract end dates especially if meters are on different contracts with different suppliers. It is wise to shop around for the best deal for each of your contracts but it can be a time consuming a confusing process.

Our energy experts understand the difficulty multi-meter sites face and will work with you to find the most effective solution. Whether that be switching all your meters to the same supplier to aid administration or ensuring that every meter is on the best deal for its individual requirements, your dedicated account manager will organise it all and even remind you when each contract is up for renewal.

Half Hourly Meters (HH)

If you have a maximum demand supply or if your business has a meter with a profile type 05, 06, 07 or 08, your bills will be calculated using half hourly consumption data and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) readers.

Due to new legislation from Ofgem, P272 dictates that all businesses with a 05-08 profile meter will now be billed half-hourly. It is estimate that over 100,000 businesses will be affected by this change. If you require any advice simple call us on 01204 866241.

Half hourly meters allow your usage to be measured more accurately, potentially leading to cheaper energy bills in the future if you do not demand energy during peak periods.

Our energy experts to answer any questions you may have about half hourly billing and will work with you to find a cheaper deal.

What are you waiting for? Save yourself some time and reduce your business energy spend by speaking to our dedicated industry and commercial team today on 01204 866241.

Contract Types

Fixed Contract

A fixed contract usually runs for a term of one to four years and fixes the price of your energy for the duration. This is a favourable option for businesses who want to plan their outgoings and it also protects your business if energy prices rise.

Flexible Contact

A flexible contract alters your prices depending on the energy market. This allows you to benefit from any price drops and means you will always be getting the best energy rate at any given time

Interruptible Contract

These contracts tend to be cheaper due to the fact that the National Grid and local authorities will be able to shut off your supply during peak demand periods. If you continue to use energy during this period, you will be charged a higher rate.

Peak Day Demand

This contract requires you to know the maximum amount of energy you are likely to use in a day. If you have numerous meters this will be the sun of Supply Offtake Quantity (SOQ) for each meter. Penalties may be charged if you go over the usage you specified and prices may be higher during periods of high demand.

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