Energy consultancy for the commercial world

Love Energy Savings have been providing commercial energy procurement services since 2007. We’ve helped over 123,000 businesses to find more cost-effective energy deals which has accumulatively saved them millions of pounds.  With a wealth of expertise and fantastic supplier relationships we are well armed to assist your business in considerably cutting down on energy costs.

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A bespoke buying strategy for your business

We understand that, as a large energy user you require a more specialised approach when it comes to finding a cheaper deal on your gas and electricity and, here at Love Energy Savings, we can provide that bespoke buying strategy. This guarantees an independent approach for each and every customer.

Our mission at Love Energy Savings has always been to save businesses money on their commercial gas and electricity and if your business consumes over 55,000kwh of electricity or 200,000kwh of gas a year, the savings you could be making are substantial.

We invest our time, devotion and specialised industry expertise into each proposal to ensure every client benefits from a bespoke buying strategy. We work hard to simplify the market, which can often become a complicated place, so you can focus on the most important thing; running your business.

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