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Six Tips for Saving Energy at Home and Work

Since many of our day to day electronic appliances were invented several decades ago, there have been advances in technology which have changed the way we use energy in the home and also at work. This applies to pretty much every appliance we use, from microwaves and computers to our smartphones and even washing machines.

Initiatives such as the Energy Saving Trust and also pressure from environmentalists have meant that manufacturers now put a lot more thought into how their technology is effecting things such as carbon footprint and renewable energy sources. Every single appliance that we use will now have had to pass stringent regulations in order to ensure it is as energy efficient as possible. This not only helps us all to save money on our business and home energy bills, but will be helping to safeguard our future when it comes to energy sources and the good of the planet.

This does not meant that the energy battle has been won though, far from it. There are all sorts of steps we can be taking in the workplace and in the home, which can complement the above steps and ensure we are helping the planet and also improving our bottom lines. Just a few steps taken every day could result in proper cash being saved, so you can spend this on the more enjoyable things in life or inject it back into your business.

So, How Can You Save Energy Via Your Appliances?

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As the UK’s favourite energy comparison site, we thought it only right to equip you with six top tips for saving money through the effective use of your appliances. Once you have used our free service to compare energy prices and get yourself onto the cheapest tariff possible, following these steps will enable you to keep your usage down the to the bare minimum. You will be amazed how much gas and commercial electricity and therefore money, you can save!

Energy Saving Lighting

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s amazing how many home energy and business energy customers still aren’t taking advantage. Take a good look around your house and office and if you can get away with using energy saving light bulbs, do so. It will also be a great advert for your business to say that you are purveyors of energy efficiency.

Install a Digital Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are so much more precise than the old style ones, but there are still lots of people with archaic systems both at home and in the workplace. Reports suggest that you could save up to 10% a year by getting a programmable thermostat put in or you could go one better and invest in some smart appliances such as Google’s Nest.

Harness the Sunshine

As well as the obvious benefits of solar panels, particularly for the home, there are other ways you can take advantage of the sunshine. For example, there are various window treatments which can help you to boost what you can get out of natural light. This can help to reduce heat loss and gain free energy!

Power Strips

Believe it or not, the use of power strips instead of randomly plugging things in around the business or home can save you money on your electricity bills. This helps to prevent phantom loads and as long as you remember to turn these off after use, you could save significant cash on an annual basis.

Water Heating

If your home or business uses quite a lot of heated water, then this could be costing you a fortune. Take a look into reducing the water heater’s temperature and even installing low-flow shower heads in the household, these can rack up substantial savings over time.

Switch to Rated Appliances

Energy rating labels are a fantastic signal that the appliances you are using are energy efficient. Take a look through the devices and machinery you are using and if these don’t come with some sort of mark of approval, consider investing. Although you may have to take the financial hit in the short term, you will ultimately save money in the long term. You will also be helping to reduce your carbon footprint and these appliances are usually better quality and safer as well.

If you found this energy guide useful, it is just one instalment of a wide range of resources we have available here at Love Energy Savings. Although we are predominantly an impartial energy comparison site, we want to give you all the information you need to save as much money as possible when it comes to your business and home energy.

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