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Electrical Resistance and Line Loss

Electrical ResistanceElectrical resistance is the opposition to the passage of electrical current.

It can almost be thought of as friction for electricity and is one of the causes of Line Loss.

A simple way of thinking about resistance’s effect on transferring electricity to your property is to think of it like pushing a bike uphill from the distribution center to your house. The bike is your electricity, and the person pushing it is your supplier.

If your property is only 5 miles from the electricity distribution center, the supplier only has to push your bike a short way up the hill. If your property is 20 miles away from the distribution center, the person pushing the bike has to go a lot further.

For their efforts they’ll request a higher payment, which is why the cost of Line Loss is greater for those who are further from the distribution centre than those who are closer.

The Electrical resistance may not be higher, but there is further to go.

This pushes energy prices up and that means higher electricity and gas bills.

There are many factors contributing to high energy prices but Electrical Resistance is one of them. It can, in a simplified fashion explain why many rurals areas or areas far from the source of energy end up paying higher rates for gas and electricity. Arguably those living in urban areas tend to see lower rates for energy.

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