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Top Ten Energy Savings Tips for Your Business

Welcome to the Love Energy Savings Top 10 Energy Saving Tips for your business. You may well have used our free service to get your company onto a cheaper gas, business electricity or dual tariff (if not then what are you waiting for?), but there are still many steps you can take to ensure your business is saving as much money as possible when it comes to your energy.

With renewable energy and energy efficiency becoming more and more prevalent, there are now so many more techniques available to you which can all help to improve your bottom line. In addition to this, you can rest assured that your organisation is doing its bit for the planer, which in turn can do a lot for your reputation to your new and existing customers. So, improving energy efficiency around your business has many advantages and the majority of these energy saving ideas are extremely cost effective.

The energy efficiency team here at Love Energy Savings have put their heads together to bring you this guide, which outlines our favourite methods for energy saving and are perfect for SME’s looking to generate some extra cash and also give their green commitment a welcome boost.

1.       See The Light

This tip is nothing revolutionary, but one that many offices and other places of work around the UK are still to embrace. Energy saving lightbulbs are readily available at hardware stores and supermarkets alike and are an all-round winner. Not only are they very cheap to purchase, but once you have them installed, they use up to 80% less electricity than old fashioned bulbs. In addition to this, energy saving bulbs do not have to be replaced nearly as regularly so all in all, they are somewhat of a no brainer. If your business is still not using energy savers, then you should rectify this today and start saving instant cash. Many people are deterred from using these as they can take a few minutes to ‘warm-up’ and may not look the best, but they are becoming better and more aesthetically pleasing all the time and let’s face it, no one is going to be that bothered what your light bulbs look like! Switch your business to energy saving lightbulbs immediately and start reaping the dividends.

2.       Implement an Energy Management System

air conditionins

By conducting and energy audit and putting an energy management system in place, you can keep on top with exactly how much gas and electric your business is using. You may want to put someone in charge of looking after your energy audit and then keeping on top of things, this could not only save you money but also ensure your company is being as energy efficient as possible. By taking meter readings every month or quarter, you can establish where you are consuming the most energy and then look to streamline this to save money and protect the environment.

3.       Easy On The Air-Con

If your place of work has air conditioning, it can be easy to become over reliant on this. As spring and summer approaches, why not work out what the optimum temperature is and make sure your air-con is turned off when you reach this level; a good temperature to think about turning this off is around 21°C. You should not need to cool your office down until temperatures reach the mid-twenties but this will obviously vary depending on your members of staff. This may take some tweaking but air conditioning can be a big drain on energy and your bottom line, so put some time in to working out exactly when you should be switching this on and off.  

4.       Install Motion Sensors

Similarly to energy saving lightbulbs, motion sensors can drive down your business electricity bills significantly. We can all be forgiven for not remembering to switch off the lights every time we leave a room and this technology does all the hard work for you. As the name suggests, these lights will turn on and off automatically based on who is in the office or place of work and can therefore help to drive your electricity bill down significantly.

5.       Microgeneration Is The Future

solar power for business

If you have read our recent feature regarding solar power and wind turbines for urban areas, then you will know that microgeneration is becoming more and more viable as we look to renewable energy to provide our gas and electricity. It is easier than you think for your business to create its own energy and this can reduce bills drastically in the long term. Photovoltaic panels which run off daylight and wind turbines that take advantage of the blustery winter weather can both reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and help you to generate power all year round. What’s more, if you happen to generate more electricity than you need, you can even sell this back to the grid via the Feed-In Tariff.

6.       Keep An Eye On The Kettle

Now, no one is expecting you to measure each mug out separately, but you can become far more energy efficient by only using he water you need when making a brew. Some UK energy suppliers give out kettles which allow you to better restrict this but if you don’t have one of these, just keep an eye on how much water you are boiling each time. There is no point in boiling the same water over and over again and this also wastes valuable electricity for your business. Places of work are the brew capitals of the country, so streamlining this aspect of your business could save you more money on your energy bills than you would think. You can also address this through your business energy management system in order to ensure that all employees are complying and you are saving as much money as possible.

7.       Watch Those Windows and Doors

This one may also sound very simple, but you would be extremely surprised to learn how much money is wasted on gas and electricity due to windows and doors being left open. In the winter months, this can obviously waste a lot of heat that has been generated either through your gas or electricity supply. In the summer, this can also compromise any work being done by your air conditioning unit. So, whatever the time of year, ensure that doors and windows are kept shut where possible as this can often be the equivalent of turning up your heating or wearing an extra layer.

8.       Put Your Computer To Bed

switch off computers

We’ve all done it many times. You get to bogged down in your work or meeting and before you know it you have five minutes to get your stuff and run to the train station or bus stop; the result is that you forget to close all your work and shut your computer down. Not only is this not very good for your machine, but this is perhaps one of the most popular ways for businesses to waste money on their energy. By ensuring that your desktop or laptop is switched off at the end of every working day, you can save your business more than £35 on its electricity bills. If you multiply that by every employee in the company and you will quickly realise that this could generate serious cash for your business. So, the next time you dash out of the door why not just take an extra second to click the shutdown button or why not ask a colleague to do it for you if you really don’t have the time? This rule also applies to any other machinery in the office that isn’t needed through the night, but be careful if you have any servers or similar devices which require constant connectivity.

9.       All Mod-Cons?

Do you have outdated appliances at your place of work? If the answer to this question is yes then the chances are that you are paying a lot more for your electricity than you need to. Antique computers, fridges and boilers will not be energy efficient whatsoever and aside from looking rubbish, they will be doing serious harm to the environment. This can again form part of your business energy management system or audit and you can replace these gradually so the cost doesn’t disrupt cash flow too badly. If you get the latest energy efficient devices for your business, then you will notice serious benefits over time and also rest assured that your organisation is completely energy efficient.

10.   Energy Efficiency Posters

Finally, and yet again this can form part of your energy management system, who not put some posters up around your office extolling the virtues of your commitment? These can be polite reminders to your staff regarding things like turning machines off and only boiling the necessary water. Your business energy supplier may have these available on their website, if not then you can easily knock up your own and keep your energy costs as low as possible?

So there you have it, the Love Energy Savings Top 10 Energy Saving Tips for your business. If you have recently applied an energy efficiency programme within your business and have some points to add then we would love to hear them! Just applying these simple steps can save your company a great deal of money every year. This, along with ensuring that you are on the cheapest possible gas and electricity tariff, will allow you to get on with running your business safe in the knowledge that you are doing all you can when it comes to energy efficiency and your business energy needs.

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