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Top 5 UK Leased Line Providers

Daniel Hill |

March 2022

Leased Lines Business

The business broadband landscape is full of stumbling blocks. Unreliable connections, slow speeds, and poor customer service practices leave business owners all over the UK reeling. But with broadband being an essential part of day-to-day operations, many business owners are looking for more reliable options.

Leased line providers are at the forefront of modern business broadband. By investing in Daisy leased lines, Vodafone leased lines, and SSE leased lines, business owners can protect their businesses. Lots of dedicated line providers also offer the most modern, up-to-date features on the market. 24/7 customer support and enhanced protection against cyber-attacks are just a few of the benefits that large businesses can expect from leased line deals.

As leased connections have become more popular in recent years, our customers have begun asking one simple question.

What Are Leased Lines?

Leased lines are an alternative to traditional broadband connections. Traditional connections operate on an Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL line) that guarantees fast download times of up to 24Mbps but slow upload speeds of around 8Mbps. The name ‘asynchronous’ refers to this uneven divide.

ADSL connections travel through copper wires. The wires are connected from the business to the Private Branch Exchange (PBX). One copper wire can supply a broadband connection to several businesses.

The strength and reliability of the broadband vary based on the number of users and the time of day. The term contention ratio refers to how many people share a single line. The average ratio in the UK is between 20:1 and 50:1.

Leased line providers give each customer a dedicated physical line. Instead of operating on an asynchronous line, leased lines operate on a synchronous line. Because the line is synchronous, it can provide business owners with the same download and upload speeds.

One of the biggest benefits of leased lines is that contention ratios are nonexistent. Because each line is dedicated to a single business, customers do not have to worry about their neighbours monopolizing the internet at peak times.

Who Are Leased Lines Good For?

Leased lines are available to homeowners and business owners all over the UK. Big-name providers focus on businesses. BT leased lines and Virgin Media leased lines are more common for businesses rather than homeowners.

Most homeowners do not need to invest in leased connections because standard, asynchronous lines fulfil all their broadband needs. Leased lines are expensive to install, and the process can often take weeks. Slow speeds and contention rates are not as much of a problem for homeowners.

Businesses that depend on strong internet connections benefit the most from dedicated lines. E-commerce businesses and international organisations need reliable, synchronous lines to propel their businesses forwards.

Daisy Leased Lines

Daisy Communications has massively changed its rating in the last few years. The team at Daisy caters to small, medium, and big businesses. They have over 88,000 customers across a range of different sectors.

In 2005, Daisy was named the fastest-growing technology business in the UK, which might be why it experienced a spate of poor reviews. Now, Daisy has ironed out its problems and is standing strong as one of the best options for business owners who want dedicated lines.

With an excellent reputation, we have partnered with Daisy to provide our customers with high-performing leased line packages to upscale their business. You can find more about our leased line deals here.

Daisy Communications Prices

Daisy leased lines are available with two packages. Both the Fibre Ethernet and Point-to-Point packages deliver download speeds between 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps, upload speeds of between 10 Mbps and 1 Gbps, and unlimited data. Both start at £199. This price excludes VAT and is based on a 36-month contract.

Business owners have to fill in a survey to find the exact cost of their leased line package. Prices can vary based on any number of factors including location and the number of employees who require access to the internet.

Daisy Communications Speed

Daisy leased lines promise full-fibre internet. Customers can expect up to 1 Gbps symmetrical upload and download speeds, as well as no limit to the amount of data that they can download.

Daisy Communications Customer Service & Reliability

Free DDoS cyber security comes as standard with each package, as well as UK-based customer and technical support that is available 24/7 and every day of the year.

Over 4,300 Daisy Communications customers have contributed to the company’s rating. Daisy has 4.3/5 stars on Trustpilot. This company has an overall rating of excellent on Trustpilot. 81% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas only 8% think that it is bad. Excellent reviews talk about brilliant advisors, and bad reviews mention having no internet connection for weeks.

A representative from Daisy responds to all reviews on Trustpilot. The representative gives disgruntled customers follow-up information and tries to create a resolution. Daisy leased line customers who have a poor experience will always receive support, even after they have left a negative review.

It is worth noting that Daisy Communications provides a range of communications services, meaning that business owners might see negative reviews for home broadband services.

BT Leased Lines

This company is a well-known name in the internet industry. It is built on the belief that broadband services are ‘integral to modern life.’ Through the power of technology, BT is paving the way to a brighter, more connected future.

Now, the team behind BT is focusing on a full-fibre rollout. So far, they have given two million premises access to full-fibre communications, and they hope to hit 25 million by the end of 2026. BT thwarts 6,500 cyber attacks every day and has 5,060 patents in its portfolio. With BT’s ambitious nature, it is no surprise that it is one of the leading leased line providers on our list.

BT Leased Lines Prices

There are two BT leased line deals to choose from. BTnet Express is ideal for business owners who have under 20 employees and need 100% target availability SLA. BTnet is better suited to larger companies that have over 20 employees. Customers on this deal can also expect a range of circuit sizes up to 10 Gbps and 100% target availability SLA.

BTnet Express costs £195 per month. This figure excludes VAT and is based on a 60-month contract. The BTnet deal has the same stipulations but costs £300 a month. One of the biggest benefits of BT leased line deals is that installation fees are included.

BT Leased Lines Speed

BT leased line customers can choose from two speeds. BTnet Express promises download and upload speeds of 50Mbps, whereas BTnet guarantees synchronous speeds of up to 100Mbps.

BT Leased Lines Customer Service & Reliability

BT promises its customers ‘unrivalled reliability’. At Love Energy Savings, we use Trustpilot to see realistic, up-to-date customer reviews. Prospective BT leased line customers can browse through BT Trustpilot reviews to find out how reliable the company’s services really are.

BT has an overall rating of bad on Trustpilot. It has 1.6/5 stars, which are compiled from over 10,000 reviews. Only 6% of customers think that the service is excellent, whereas an astounding 88% think that it is bad. Positive reviews mention success in speaking to the customer service team through Twitter. Lots of customers are also satisfied with the strong, reliable internet that they receive. Negative reviews contradict all positive reviews. Disgruntled customers talk about incompetent engineers and inflated prices.

Most of the negative reviews receive a reply. It seems as if BT representatives cannot keep up with the number of negative reviews that the company gets on a daily basis.

Virgin Media Leased Lines

Virgin Media is a telecommunications giant. It boasts 48 million connections in the UK across home phone, mobile, TV, and broadband. In June 2021, Virgin Media merged with O2, the UK’s largest and most reliable network. Together, these two companies hope to offer homeowners and business owners the fastest broadband speeds in the UK.

Virgin Media Leased Lines Prices

Virgin Media leased line customers can choose from a wide range of options. This company has more options than Daisy Communications and BT. There are three Virgin Media leased line deals to choose from, but customers are often confused by the lack of names. The guaranteed download and upload speeds form the name of each deal.

    • 100 Mbps upload, 100 Mbps download - These speeds are perfect for fast-growing companies with big ambitions. This deal promises 6-hour fault response times, and a dedicated account manager. From £270 per month.

    • 1 Gbps upload, 1 Gbps download - This deal is good for ‘future-proofing your business in a time of digital acceleration’. Customers can expect 6-hour fault response times, resilient options, and a dedicated account manager. From £550 per month.

    • Up to 10 Gbps upload, up to 10 Gbps download - We recommend this deal for large businesses that have lots of employees. It is not suitable for small and start-up businesses. Bespoke quote required.

Virgin Media Leased Lines Speed

Virgin Media is transparent about the speeds that it can promise. This leased line provider is so transparent that the guaranteed speeds are written into the deal names! Customers can choose from three deals that promise a range of maximum speeds.

100 Mbps upload and download speeds are perfect for small businesses, whereas 10 Gbps upload and download speeds are better suited to large businesses that depend on fast internet connections. Call centres and e-commerce organisations are just a couple of the companies that benefit from fast speeds.

Virgin Media Leased Lines Customer Service & Reliability

Some service providers create separate accounts on Trustpilot to differentiate between services. Customers should be aware that this might be a tactical response to poor reviews on the original account. When it comes to leased line providers, it is important to check all the relevant Trustpilot accounts.

Our findings are based on Virgin Media’s business Trustpilot account. This account has over 2,500 reviews and 1.2/5 stars. Virgin Media has an overall rating of bad on Trustpilot. The divide is shocking. Only 3% of business customers think that the service is excellent, whereas 90% think that it is bad.

Positive reviews mention customer service representatives by name, but negative reviews dispute the helpfulness of representatives. Lots of negative reviews warn prospective customers away, and even mention being stunned at the overwhelmingly poor service. Unlike Daisy Communications and BT, Virgin Media does not employ a representative to reply to customer reviews.

Vodafone Leased Lines

The team at Vodafone want to connect people ‘to create a better future’. They believe in inclusive communications services and sustainability practices. Vodafone is the largest mobile and fixed network operator in Europe and claims to have Europe’s biggest and fastest-growing 5G network. This leased line provider plays a vital role in keeping economies and critical sectors like education and healthcare functioning.

Vodafone Leased Lines Prices

Rather than creating tailored deals, Vodafone bases leased line prices on internet speeds and promise a few features as standard to every customer.

Vodafone Dedicated Internet Access

Wires only monthly price

(ex. VAT – 36-month contract)

Managed monthly price

(ex. VAT – 36-month contract)


From £255

From £275


From £290

From £310


From £510

From £775


From £610

From £875

The standard features include 24/7 support and flexible service/port bandwidth. Business owners only pay for the output that they need. They can switch easily from one predetermined rate to another up to their Access Circuit rate.

Vodafone is one of the only leased line providers that are upfront and transparent about its installation fees. Customers can expect to pay a £2,000 one-off fee to install their leased line.

Vodafone Leased Lines Speed

Vodafone offers business customers a wide range of speeds. The speeds are separated into four deals: 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1 Gbps. Whereas Virgin Media leased line customers can access speeds up to 10 Gbps, Vodafone leased line customers can only reach speeds of 1 Gbps.

Vodafone Leased Lines Customer Service & Reliability

Vodafone has more than five Trustpilot accounts! The reason is clear: Vodafone has poor reviews across all of its accounts. For the purpose of this guide, we will browse through Trustpilot reviews on the biggest and most well-established Vodafone account.

Vodafone has 1.3/5 stars on Trustpilot. Over 15,000 ratings form the basis for an overall rating of bad. Only 7% of previous and existing customers think that the service is excellent, whereas 87% think that the service is bad. Excellent reviews talk about reliable speeds and quick resolutions. Negative reviews warn prospective customers to avoid the company at all costs. Inexperienced engineers, long wait times, and inflated prices are some of the reasons why customers leave negative reviews.

SSE Leased Lines

SSE is a versatile telecommunications provider. It also focuses on the energy, phone contracts, and home cover. SSE has partnered with Language Line to better support its diverse customer base. It also works with support organisations like Dementia Friends and uses Sign Video Service and adapted braille formats to ensure that everyone receives excellent customer service.

SSE Leased Lines Prices

SSE provides business owners with leased lines through Neo Networks. SSE leased line customers receive services through Neo but have to speak to SSE representatives about any problems that they experience.

There are a few different Neo Networks leased line deals to choose from. The details of the deals are unclear. Prospective customers have to fill in a form to request a callback or submit their business email to download a brochure for more information.

Neo Network guarantees high availability meshed national MPLS cores, high capacity connection options, and 477 Points of Presence (PoPs).

SSE Leased Lines Speed

Full circuit access from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps is just one of the benefits that Neo Networks offers leased line customers. Business owners can choose speeds that are tailored to their unique needs. Although SSE does not outline predetermined deals for leased line customers, it does offer a greater degree of flexibility for customers who want to create their own deals.

SSE Leased Lines Customer Service & Reliability

Like Vodafone, SSE has a few different Trustpilot accounts. For the purpose of this guide, we will review the account that reflects the company’s URL.

SSE has 4.3/5 stars on Trustpilot. It has an overall rating of excellent and over 40,000 reviews. It has the same rating as Daisy Communications, which makes it one of the best-rated leased line providers on our list. 73% of customers think that the service is excellent, and only 12% think that it is bad.

Positive reviews mention customer service representatives by name and claim that the internet connection is very reliable. Negative reviews mention being unable to speak to a human customer service representative. Given the number of positive reviews that SSE has, it is surprising that the company does not respond to Trustpilot reviews.

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