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Best VPNs available in the UK

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides online privacy by creating a private network. VPNs mask your IP address. However, most importantly, VPN services provide secure and encrypted connections.

Why do businesses need a VPN?

A VPN protects your business and employees from questionable websites. This means that all connected IT resources and transfer data is secure. It will also protect your business when employees are accessing the office network remotely. This allows employees to have access to resources to do their job securely.

A good VPN is great for cybersecurity too. Apply a VPN across your networks makes them much more secure. They can be used on multiple different devices such as company mobile phones, tablets and laptops. 

With increased home working, VPNs are becoming more of a business essential.

What are the differences between a business and a consumer VPN?

Whist generally offering similar services, there are few key differences. Business VPNs add the extra layers of protection for the whole business against surveillance and hacking. Crucially important if storing customer data. Consumers typically use VPNs for unblocking websites only available in certain countries.

A business VPN id designed for multiple users with a dedicated IP address and server. This means that everyone will be using one secure account with a designated account manager to manage user control.

Best Business VPN UK 2021

VPN Provider

Key Features

Best For

Price (Monthly)


  • Well known brand
  • Strong security
  • Great apps on all devices
  • Multiple price points for different requirements
  • Cheaper prices for annual payment
  • Dedicated server option

Businesses who want greater security

Basic - $9 per user


Advanced - $11 per user


Enterprise – Custom package



  • High-quality encryption
  • No desiccated business package but best consumer VPN that works for micro businesses
  • High performance

Micro businesses

Monthly - £9.75 per month


6 Months – £45.13 (£7.52 per month)


Annual - £75.24 (£6.26 per month) 

Perimeter 81

  • Best all rounder VPN for businesses
  • Team and network management console
  • Minimum of 5 team members
  • Multiple price bands for different requirements
  • Prioritised email support


Any businesses who need a solid VPN

Essentials Plan - $8 per user (minimum 5)


Premium Plan - $12 per user (minimum 10)


Enterprise – custom package (minimum 50)


  • Built for IT admins and specialists
  • Very high security
  • Has a free starter package

Larger companies with dedicated IT professionals

Starter – Free


Teams $5 per user


Business $10 per user


Enterprise – custom package


What to look for when choosing a VPN?

As security is a priority when selecting a VPN, you should look for one that meets all your security needs. Choosing one that doesn’t work for your business will be an expensive and pointless waste of time. If you’re unsure what you need. Get in touch with a few providers to get an idea of what you should be looking for.

You may also want to make sure you’re comfortable with their customer support. Should anything go wrong, remote employees will be left without access. This means a loss in productivity for your business.

What other factors need to be considered?

You will need a high-quality and stable business telecoms provider. This ensures all your companies mobile phones, broadband, VoIP services stay connected.

This is where we can help. To find the best deals, speak to our dedicated team about your requirements. You can read more here.

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