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Now Christmas is just around the corner, the time has come to start thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions. Although these are rarely adhered to, it certainly does no harm to at least have a think about the things you can do differently in 2015.

This is not just the case on a personal level but also when it comes to your business too, what New Year’s resolutions could you make to improve things for your company over the next twelve months?

5 New Year’s Resolutions from Love Energy Savings


We have put together the following five New Year’s resolutions which could help take your business to the next level during 2015.

business new years resolutionsStreamline Your Monthly Outgoings

It can sometimes be very easy to get too consumed with the big picture when running your business and the result of this is a failure to look at the simple things. One of the most fundamental things for the future of your company is cash flow and you can give this a significant boost by reducing your monthly outgoings. One of the first bills to drop through the letterbox is usually your energy bill and the chances are that your organisation is one of the hundreds of thousands of SME’s across the UK that is paying too much for their gas and electricity. Getting this sorted out right away could result in your business being on a far cheaper energy tariff in early 2015 and you can start to pump this cash into more productive areas of your operations. Click here to find the cheapest energy rates for your business straight away via our free, no-obligation comparison engine.

Boost Productivity

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the more productive your business is, the more money you will make. Why not get your business plan for 2015 set out right away so you can really hit the ground running when you and your team return in the New Year. There is obviously no magic wand that can be waved otherwise we would all be doing it but why not take a fresh look at your planning, communications, outreach, staffing and marketing strategies. It may well be that things have changed in your industry since this time last year so why not get a revise campaign organised before the Christmas break?

Improving Staff Morale

This one is obviously a classic business consideration but what better time than Christmas to cheer up the troops. This can do wonders for productivity, reputation and also keeping staff turnover down to the bare minimum. Crucially though, you need to be careful not to cause complacency in the ranks otherwise you will find less work taking place. But, its Christmas after all so why not let your workforce know what a great job they are doing and give them a little treat before they break up for their holidays? You may just find that they come back in 2015 ready and raring to go!

Boosting Brand Awareness

Although we are sure this is already part of your company’s marketing strategy but why not make 2015 the year you really make an impact, with so many new ways to get your brand in front of your audience coming up all the time. You might decide that the next twelve months are going to be huge for social or perhaps you are going to try to conquer display advertising or even radio? We’re not going to give our secrets away but brand awareness could be a great way for you to propel your business to the next level next year.

Winning Industry Awards

The final of our 5 New Year’s resolutions for your business is winning industry awards. Lots of companies think that awards are pointless or a waste of time unless they are big glamorous affairs but they can be a very good idea on a local level as well. Not only can you build up an impressive trophy cabinet they are fantastic for brand awareness and networking as well. Why not put some resource into researching the best awards in your industry and you could find yourself winning some great awards during 2015.

Of course, these are just Love Energy Savings’ suggested New Year’s Resolutions for your business. There are lots of things each business can do to ensure they have a fantastic 2015, so be sure to get yours set down before the party season starts and things start to get put on the back burner. In the meantime, you can streamline your finances today by getting a free, no-obligation gas and electricity quote for your business. Simply pop your postcode into the box at the bottom or right of this article or just click here.

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