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Name: Jonathan Austin
Company: Best Companies Limited
Job Title: Founder & CEO
Years experience: 16 years

1. So Jonathan what’s the first thing you do once you’re in the office?

I love saying hello to the team here at Best Companies, so I take a few minutes to walk around the office and have a chat to everyone.

2. After the hello’s what does a typical day for you look like?

I tend to be out and about meeting boards of directs from various businesses up and down the country, helping them to understand how they can engage their employees more.

3. What do you LOVE about being CEO of Best Companies?

The people I work with- they’re brilliant!

4. Any bad bits?

Having to exclude organisations from the list for invalid entries- it’s never a nice task.

5. I bet! Let’s move back to positive questions…what motivates you from day to day?

It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m helping to make the world a better workplace. Day in day out we should all be inspired by our main purpose, make decisions based on our values and what we truly believe in, we should be driven by our own ambitions and take clear steps forward through our ingenious plan- with these in mind the world’s our oyster.  

6. Wow! So how do you pass on your motivation to employees?

By getting them to believe that what we are doing is making a positive difference to the world we live in.

7. Back in the office, would you say that you’re a good cop or bad cop to your employees?

Good cop- definitely!

8. In your expert opinion, what makes a ‘Best Company’?

An organisation that really listens to their people, gives clarity about why they exist, how they behave and what they are trying to do to achieve their goals makes a Best Company.  Also, an organisation where managers believe it’s a privilege to manage people rather than a burden.

9. That’s great advice for managers, what are your top tips for business owners?

Always hire people that are smarter than yourself because the work will be confidently delegated sooner or later.

10. What do you enjoy doing when out of office?

Walking my two black Labradors

11. How do you juggle your work/ life balance?

It’s difficult, my life is my work and I believe in the saying, “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.