How winning awards can help your business

Winning awards can have big benefits for your business.

Our efforts at Love Energy Savings have seen us take the title for TELCA’s Super Consultancy 2017, the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 and Best SME To Work For in 2016, with a recent nomination for Customer Experience Awards 2017 to add to the list alongside the Digital Business of the Year finalist status.

Charlotte Boss, Head of Marketing here at Love Energy Savings, says:

“Some people steer clear of awards under the assumption they only exist to serve as an ego boost to senior stakeholders. But winning an award doesn’t just mean another trophy for the executive display cupboard. A number of huge benefits can be felt in all areas of the business.”

Here are just some of the reasons why going for gold is always a great idea:

1. It gives you the chance to assess and evaluate your business

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Businesses are hectic. With so much going on day to day, it’s difficult to find the time to take a step back and properly evaluate your efforts.

Applying for business awards can afford you this kind of opportunity, making sure you properly review your company’s strengths and weaknesses during the application process. Whether you end up winning or not, this is invaluable insight that can help you identify areas for improvement to act on going forwards.

Charlotte explains just how much this can help:

“Awards can make you look at your business from a unique perspective, sometimes answering questions you hadn’t thought to ask yourself. This encourages you to compare yourself to competitors in your industry, looking at what other businesses must offer outside your sector.

“Remember, judges will consider you alongside these businesses, so it’s always helpful to your application to know where you stand and how you can show what makes you different.”

2. They help with business leads and recruitment 

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Authority goes a long way when it comes to acquiring new clients.

In case you haven’t already guessed, one of the best ways to increase your brand authority is with a collection of shiny industry awards. By winning an award, your business has effectively been acknowledged by a panel of prestigious judges, making you a trusted brand that people are going to want to work with.

Adrian Cieslake, Head of Corporate Sales at Love Energy Savings, regularly uses award wins to attract new business:

“Awards help us to stand out from the crowd. A third-party endorsement evidences that we’re credible and acts as a seal of approval for businesses to use us. It forms part of my sales pitch and helps to differentiate our business from competitors. To say that we’re the TELCA Super Consultancy of the Year really sets us apart.”

3. They help you attract top talentBench Meeting

As well as business leads, awards are extremely good for attracting new staff.

A potential employer with a number of major achievements under its belt will always be more appealing to jobseekers than one without. A symbol of quality, awards also represent company stability and the potential for opportunity.

On the recruitment side, Alex Bent, Recruiting and Staffing Manager at Love Energy Savings, says:

“People are drawn to award-winning businesses. By shouting about our successes, we can attract the talent we need to push our business forward. As current title-holders of the ‘Best UK SME to work for’, this validates that we really are a fantastic employer.”

4. They boost employee moraleSunset People

Not only can awards help you to get those staff on board, but they can also help to keep them there.

Working for a company with some heavy-hitting accolades is a serious morale booster for employees, making them proud to be part of an industry-leading operation.

Jaypal Raj, Love Energy Savings Software Developer, has seen the effects first-hand:

“Love Energy Savings have been recognised numerous times in the past 12 months for their ground-breaking technology advancements. Receiving external acknowledgement for the work we do gives me a huge sense of achievement, and seeing our business listed within the prestigious Sunday Times Tech Track 100 again this year is a fantastic way to enhance team spirit.”

Love Energy Savings understand the importance of award wins and want to help other business to shine, each year they recognise the best businesses across England, Scotland and Wales through their Best Of Britain awards. Check out the previous winners and look out for the 2018 awards – this could be your business’s chance to stand out amongst the competition and boost staff morale.

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