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Having some financial or practical issues and worried about paying your bills? Love Energy Savings knows that things don’t always go as planned for our customers. So, if you find yourself in a challenging situation, this guide is for you.

Where to go for help with energy bills

If you find yourself unable to pay your energy bills, there are several steps you can take.

  1. The first thing you should do is talk to your energy supplier. Most providers will offer you a payment plan to manage your finances affordably.
  2. If your bill is higher than you expected, check with your energy supplier. If you are doing manual meter readers, you may have made a mistake, or your bill may be estimated.
  3. You can get support from Citizens Advice if you have concerns about your bill or are anxious about paying outstanding bills.

Dealing with energy debt

Firstly don’t ignore the problem. There are always options available, so the quicker you deal with the problem, the faster it can be solved. Mainly, energy companies will be sympathetic. They can offer solutions such as a repayment plan or moving to a prepayment meter.

If you are on benefits, it is possible to have your energy bills paid directly from your benefits. You can talk to Job Centre Plus to arrange this if you feel it would make your financial management simpler.

What will happen if I can’t pay my energy bills?

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills, your first worry may be that your energy supply will be cut off. Energy suppliers need to follow quite a lengthy process before this can be done. There are exceptions for vulnerable people, including people with young children and pensioners.

Before your energy supply can be cut off, your energy supplier would need to verify that the debt is yours. If you are getting letters from a previous tenant or owner, it's essential to contact your provider to let them know you are the resident.

In most cases, energy retailers will ask you to have a prepayment meter installed rather than disconnect you if you are having financial problems.

Can I get help with my energy bills?

There are government schemes available to help with energy bills. These are often available during the winter months when energy bills are at their highest.

Warm Home discount

The Warm Home discount is a government scheme that provides an annual payment of £140 towards energy bills. You can find out if you are eligible here.

Cold Weather payment

The Cold Weather payment is available for people receiving certain benefits. You will receive £25 for each 7 day period of cold weather below zero degrees Celsius between 1 November and 31 March.

Save money by switching with Love Energy Savings

If you find that you are often overpaying for the electricity and gas in your home, you should consider switching home energy. At Love Energy Savings, we recommend that you compare domestic energy tariffs at least every six months. Cheaper deals are always coming onto the market.

Comparing energy suppliers is completely free. So, you have nothing to lose by finding out whether you can reduce your bills.

At Love Energy Savings, we’ll take care of the entire switching process on your behalf. We’ll let your current supplier know you’ll be switching and get you set up with your new supplier.

You can reduce your bills by hundreds of pounds each year so don’t delay! Find out how much you could save by completing our online energy comparison calculator.