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Brits Will Pay 62% More for Electricity On Christmas Day 2022

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Christmas Day in 2022 will cost the country a whopping £136 million this year, £52 million more than in 2021!

We calculated the costs based on the increased price of electricity this year, and have come up with some helpful tips to help cut the cost without scrimping on the usual Christmas festivities.  

The figures revealed that the much-publicised utilities hikes throughout 2021, which increased the unit cost per kWh of electricity from 21p to 34p, plus 46p standing charge per day will make Christmas festivities this year 62 percent more expensive than in 2021. 

Utility prices are increasing due to a rise in wholesale costs, which accounts for around 42 percent of the price cap figure (which is the total utility companies can charge households).

Phil Foster, CEO of Love Energy Savings: “It’s an awful situation when you see just how much extra the British public is going to be spending on having fun this Christmas.

“Especially when you consider that lots of British families are already struggling with the cost of living crisis and Christmas is a celebration many look forward to all year. We hope that our energy saving tips will help households cut these costs so they can enjoy their holidays to the fullest.”

Cooking Costs for Christmas Day

Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of the festive season, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Cooking Christmas dinner using an electric oven will cost Brits £65 million this year, almost half of the day’s entire electrical spend.
In this research, they compared the cost of 24 million households sitting down to eat Christmas dinner in 2022 with 2021, and found that the cost has increased by a staggering 62 percent!

While the quantity of time it takes to cook a turkey varies dramatically based on the size, weight and recipe used, the data below assumes a 2 hour cooking time. You can also follow the exact BBC Good Food recipe used for the calculations. 

How Much Does It Cost To Cook In The Oven? 

Electric Oven in Use for 2 Hours on Full Power


Power Rating

Price per Kwh

Cost to operate

Bottom of the range (approx retail value £149)

2.7 kW



Middle of the range (approx retail value £269)

2.85 kW



Top of the range (approx retail value £849)

3.6 kW




3.0 kW



As you can see, the cost of cooking the turkey when using a 3kWh oven for 2 hours on full power will come in at £2.04 based on the current unit rates. This is almost double the price it was back in 2021, where it would have cost £1.26.

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How to Cook a Christmas Feast using Less Energy

Christmas dinner is one of the Nation's favourite elements of the festive season. As such, whatever your family traditions or recipes, for this special meal, you may wish to incorporate some energy efficient cooking methods into cooking your feast.

You can save money by using a slow cooker to cook your turkey, or whatever other meat you choose this Christmas (slow-cooked pork belly is sure to be a show stopper). A 3kWh electric oven costs £1.02 an hour to run when running at full power, while a slow cooker costs just 5p per hour. If practical, consider cooking the meat the day before during off peak hours for an even greater saving, when electricity can be up to half of the normal peak hour cost.

Cooking meat from room temperature also reduces the cooking time, and will save you energy compared to cooking from frozen, so ensure you leave frozen meat to thaw overnight.

Cooking roast potatoes in your air fryer will be cheaper than turning on your oven, and air fryer fans swear by the crispy coating they’ll be given using this method.  You could also use an air fryer to cook parsnips, pigs in blankets, and stuffing balls - all you need is a paper and pencil to jot down the cooking times. 

Average Cost of Watching Christmas TV 

It’s not just the cost of Christmas dinner that will increase. Watching TV on Christmas Day will cost the nation around £2.2million.

Watching TV on Christmas Day is expected to cost the nation £1.2 million, compared to the £750,000 Christmas TV shows would have added to Brit’s electricity bills last year, assuming viewing figures for shows are unchanged in 2022 compared to 2021, and assuming the average TV uses around 56W of power when in use. 

Popular Christmas specials are the most expensive, with 90-minute-long programmes such as the BBC’s Call the Midwife Christmas Special, costing £423,000 in electricity to watch.  Firm favourite Christmas specials will add the most to the country’s bills, as detailed in our chart below.

Strictly Come Dancing, another huge BBC crowd-pleaser, will cost the nation a total of £195,000 in electricity bills.

Last year's speech by Her Majesty The Queen, amassed nearly 8 million viewers, and contributed £17,000 to the UK’s electricity bill, in just the 10 minutes it aired. Assuming HM King Charles III’s speech has Brits similarly glued to their screens, the 10-minute speech is estimated to add £28,000 to electricity bills.

Christmas Day TV Programme


Energy price 2022

Cost 2021

Cost 2022





























































Total Cost:




Research has shown that families spend 11 percent more on the cost of electricity over the entire month of December, with most of this being spent on Christmas Day. With all the household electricity bills in Britain counted together, that’s a national £2.43bn for December alone.

Enjoy Christmas Lights Without the Worry of Next Months Energy Bill

Whether you’re a fan of a real tree, or opt for a faux one, a Christmas tree is the focus of Christmas decorations in most homes.  A Christmas tree without twinkling fairy lights just doesn’t have quite the same effect, but there are a few ways you can enjoy Christmas lights without anxiety about your next energy bill.

Firstly, look at opting for energy saving LED bulbs if you’re buying new Christmas lights.  This can cut the running cost by more than half. According to consumer advice centre HomeOwners Alliance an LED bulb will give you 25,000 hours of festive glow, for the same running cost of an incandescent bulb's 1,000 hours.

Most Christmas trees use two strings of lights, which adds up to 80 watts of energy, if using fairy lights which are not LED.  Leaving these on for 6 hours a day, throughout December will cost £5, which is a cost many will be prepared to absorb to enjoy the cosy festive atmosphere in the evening. Just be sure to switch the tree lights off before you go to bed - as this cost could triple if you leave lights on overnight, not to mention the safety risk of leaving fairy lights on all night.

Many households love to extend their Christmas decorations to the outside of their home for the entire neighbourhood to enjoy.  This is when solar powered Christmas decorations are a great energy saving option. While buying new lights when you’ve got perfectly good ones sitting in a box seems wasteful, when it does come time to replace your Christmas lights, opting for solar powered and going electricity free is a great way of cutting down on your energy bill at this time of year. 

Keep in mind that most solar powered lights require 6 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge. However; premium solar lights can achieve a full charge within just an hour of daylight, meaning that even in the winter months with shorter daylight hours, you can benefit from the energy and cost saving of solar power.

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