Moving Home & My Energy Bills - What Should I Do?

The old adage is that moving house is the most stressful experience of one’s life, and we must say that we agree. From a removal company and packing to changing your address and finding new school’s for the kids, there is a multitude of things to remember.  Even as a specialist energy comparison site, we think that you can be forgiven for not having sorting your energy supply out right at the top of your agenda.

What we have done, is provide this handy guide for you to refer to when you do finally get around to sorting out your all-important gas and electricity. Of course, one thing you can rest assured about is that there will be an energy supply at your new address, but the likelihood is that you will be put onto a standard rate tariff and we are here to ensure you are not paying over the odds for your gas and electricity.

What Should I Do Before I Move House?

Before leaving your current abode, you should be sure to take meter readings just before you vacate the premises. If you have electricity and gas meters then take readings from both and you can then update your current energy supplier on exactly how much energy you have used. This is a pretty crucial step as this guarantees you will not be paying for any gas or electricity that the new tenants use, this can sometimes be a bit of a point of contention if your energy bills ends up being more than you thought they would be. The likelihood is that the new incumbents at the property will do the same thing to ensure they are not paying for any of the energy you have consumed, but it is better to be safe than sorry and submit these details yourself for a peace of mind.

If you have recently switched your energy supplier with Love Energy Savings and know you are on the cheapest possible energy prices, then it is possible to take this tariff with you (depending on where you are moving to). This is called a change of tenancy (COT) and all you need to do is contact your dedicated account manager who will guide you through the process, just call 0800 9888 375.

What Do I Do Once I Have Moved House?

Once you have got the hard bit out of the way and completed the dreaded move, you need to simply locate the gas and electricity meters and get straight in touch with your energy supplier to ensure that you are not paying too much. This is the same process whether you are continuing with the provider which currently serves the building or taking your tariff with you. You will then only be charged from the point that you have started using gas and electricity at the new property. If for any reason you are struggling to find out who provides your new home with its energy, you can call 0870 608 1524 to speak to the M Number Helpline from xoserve; they can also help you to determine your MPRN Number.


As mentioned, if you haven’t decided to take your current deal with you to your new home then there is a strong chance that you will be automatically placed onto a standard rate tariff, which are notoriously high. You can check with your supplier as to whether or not this is the case, but remember you can always get in touch with Love Energy Savings for some free and impartial guidance. For an at a glance view of all of our trusted home and commercial energy suppliers and a breakdown of their terms, visit our Energy Suppliers Hub. Without doubt the quickest way for you to ensure that you can start your life in your new home on the cheapest possible energy deal is to stick your postcode into our state of the art comparison engine.

What If I’ve Moved Into a House With a Prepayment Meter?

Sometimes, domestic energy customers will move into a property which has a prepayment meter installed. This could be for a range of reason but most probably because the former tenant failed to keep up with their energy bills. If this is the case, you should do everything you can to get your energy supplier to remove this prepayment meter as this is the most expensive way of paying for gas and electricity. If you have recently bought the house in question, then this should not be too much of a problem but could be trickier for rented properties. If you run into difficulties regarding your prepayment meter, then you can always speak to the Love Energy Savings team when you get in touch to discuss your tariff.

Remember that any advice, prices or guidance you get from Love Energy Savings are utterly impartial and we are simply looking to add some much needed transparency to the energy sector. If you want to leave your domestic energy supply to the experts so you can get on with creating the perfect home and ensure you get the cheapest prices in the process, then why not just stick your postcode into our free comparison engine?

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