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Switching Energy Supplier as a Landlord

Landlord Handing Over Keys And Contract To A New Tenant

It is important for landlords to note they have specific obligations to their tenants. You are legally responsible to keep a property that you rent either commercially or domestically safe, ensure all gas and electrical equipment are properly installed, maintained and certified and determine how the energy bills will be paid.

How to manage energy for tenants as a landlord

When you rent out a property, you can agree in the tenancy agreement whether you or your tenants will be responsible for paying the energy bills for the property.

If you decide to be responsible for paying the energy bills, you will be responsible for deciding who the energy supplier will be for the property and can ask your tenants to pay you directly.

This gives you the flexibility to switch landlord energy supplier to the best value gas and electricity tariffs available. This also applies if you are renting out a commercial property, you can switch business energy if you are a landlord that is responsible for paying the bills. We also recommend you compare other business utilities to ensure you are not overpaying.

If you opt for your tenants to pay the energy bills directly, tenants have the right to switch to a new energy provider if they wish, but will need to inform you of their intentions, you should state this in the tenancy agreement so they understand their obligations.

It is recommended that you ask your tenants to contact the energy provider for your property and have the bills put into their name and ask to see the bill to be sure this has been done.

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