10 Gifts You Can Buy With The Cash You Save On Your Energy

Sometimes the life of an energy saving crusader can seem tough. It’s often much more appealing to put the heating on instead of wrapping up in an extra jumper, and you could quite easily stay in your hot morning shower for 10 minutes rather than 5.

But fear not energy savers! Don’t give up just yet, because your hard work is literally paying off.

On average our customers save £252.81 every year when they switch their energy supplier and you can save even more by adopting a few simple power-saving practices. While it may be difficult to see how turning off a light when you leave the house can make a staggering difference to your bank balance, think about the bigger picture.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 gifts that you could treat someone (or reward yourself with) this Christmas with the £252.81 you have saved on your energy bills. You’ll even have a little bit of money left over to buy some mince pies and a few extra carrots for Rudolph.

Ultimate zombie experience day £110 and a relaxing day at Titanic Spa for two £140 = £250

What could be more invigorating than fighting a zombie apocalypse? This unconventional experience day is fun, challenging and will definitely serve as a memorable Christmas present. After all that excitement your loved one may just need to recover with a day of pampering at a magnificent spa. They can even bring another person along, which may be wise just in case they need protection if the zombie army strikes again!   

A Laptop For £250

Nowadays you can buy a good quality laptop for £250 or under at most electronic suppliers. Just remember to keep conserving that extra energy by switching the machine off completely when not in use and unplugging the charger once it’s fully juiced. You’ll want to start saving money for Christmas 2015, after all.  

A GHD set of straighteners and a GHD hair dryer £145 and £99 = £244

Who knew that saving energy could make you look so good? Welcome the New Year in with gorgeous locks or bestow the gift of good hair upon someone this festive season.

A washing machine for £249

Reward someone with the essential home appliance, bought by your savvy savings from the efficient use of your own home appliances. With the £3.81 left over you could even throw in some washing tablets, specifically designed to be used at a low-energy cool wash temperature of course!

Perhaps not the most exciting gift, but anybody who has been forced to visit a laundrette will tell you that you don’t fully appreciate the trusty washing machine until you are left without one.

72 Luxury Lush Pud Bath bombs from Lush at £3.50 each

Know somebody addicted to bath bombs? Switch your energy supplier today and you could present them with a year’s supply of these festive Pud bath bombs from the money you’ve saved!

One Day Baking Masterclass at Cake Boy for £250

Teach someone to bake like a pro by spending a day learning in the kitchen of an award-winning Patissier. The luxury Battersea cake emporium kitchen is home to professional bakers who have crafted delights for the likes of the Queen and Madonna.

12 Pairs of Calvin Klein socks £20

Who says a pair of socks is a naff present? Take a twist on the classic Christmas gift with these ultra-chic designer socks. And at £20 a pack, your smart energy consumption has just paid for a decade’s worth of dad’s presents.

Harvey Nichols celebration hamper £200 and a Mini fizz trio £47.50 = £247.50

Celebrate your energy saving efforts with this spectacular celebration hamper and toast to a good energy saving year with a trio of mini bottles of fizz.

A family sized tent £249.99

Maybe your friends would like to abandon their bad energy habits by stripping back to nature and moving outdoors? With this ingenious gift of a tent you can not only be confident that they have somewhere comfortable to stay, but be sure that they aren’t wasting any more energy too.

It may not seem like a particularly timely gift, but the recipient of this tent will have the last laugh when festival season comes around again.

An ultimate Christmas dinner

£252.81 can buy you a cracking Christmas feast. With the turkey, stuffing, vegetables, alcohol, puddings and so many other delicious extras to purchase, many people feel the struggle to fund a scrumptious meal on the day.

That extra money that you could save could relieve the financial pressure and let you indulge in a fine bottle of after-dinner brandy. Just make sure you cook your dinner in the microwave to save energy - only joking! Merry Christmas from Love Energy Savings.

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