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We’re feeling exceptionally festive here at Love Energy Savings, and while we’ll make no excuses for gorging on mince pies, incessantly listening to Band Aid and parading around in our Rudolph jumpers in the coming weeks, we must stress that the process of saving our customers money on their energy bills never stops.

Just because it’s Christmas, that doesn’t mean we can suddenly become blasé about our energy consumption. If the UK is to meet its target of cutting carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 (against base levels set in 1990), then everybody needs to do their bit, even Father Christmas himself.

How Can Santa Become More Eco-Friendly?

The big guy has an important job to do, but why should he get away with polluting the planet with his gas-guzzling ways when the rest of us are making an effort to become green? Here are five things that will help Santa to reduce his carbon footprint, and in some cases, lower his energy bills.

1)      Point him in the direction of your recycling bin

According to official statistics, 44.2 per cent of household waste generated in the UK in 2013 was recycled. While this figure is steadily improving, there’s still plenty of work to be done in order to slash the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

When you leave a mince pie and a drop of sherry out for Santa on Christmas Eve, leave a subtle note that points him in the direction of your recycling bin. Imagine if we could ensure every single aluminium case from our mince pies was recycled properly? We’d be well on our way towards reaching the target outlined in the government’s Waste Framework Directive, which suggests we should be recycling 50 per cent of our waste by 2020.

2)      A green sleigh

We’re not telling Santa how to do his job, but does he really need so many lights on his sleigh?

By replacing his standard bulbs with more eco-friendly LEDs, he can make a substantial saving on his end-of-year energy bill. The Carbon Trust states that a traditional bulb only converts around five per cent of the energy it uses into light, with the rest being wasted.

Come on, Santa. You don’t do anything for 364 days of the year, so why don’t you spend some time bringing your sleigh into the 21st century?

3)      An insulated grotto

We moan about the cold temperatures in the UK, but let’s spare a thought for Father Christmas and his workforce of elves over in Lapland.

As the team meticulously organise our presents into neat piles - a bit like a Christmassy Argos, I suppose - it’s important that they are protected from the cold. As we stated in our recent infographic, heating accounts for 29 per cent of overall energy use in non-domestic buildings, so you can imagine that Santa’s annual heating bill is scandalous.

In order to save money, he should ensure his grotto is adequately insulated and draught-proofed, thus ensuring the heat is being trapped in, allowing him to turn the thermostat down.

4)      Quit it with the coal

With energy suppliers under increasing pressure to develop green power sources in order to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, is it still okay for Santa to be dishing out coal willy-nilly?

Legend has it that those children who appear on the big man’s ‘Naughty List’ find nothing but a lump of coal in their stockings on Christmas morning. Granted, Santa’s not burning said coal in order to generate electricity, but in this age surely he should be setting a better example?

In future years, unruly kids should expect to find a solar panel or wind turbine under their Christmas trees.

5)      Still writing letters? Join the digital revolution!

We’ve all written a letter to Santa at some point. While I still haven’t received the Sega Master System that I so politely requested in 1988, I still found the very concept of penning a message to Father Christmas an altogether magical experience.

However, times have changed and it’s not economical to waste so much paper. While an email to Santa may not be as alluring, it’s nevertheless far kinder on the environment. If you check the footnote of your reply, you’ll notice that Santa has a strict “Only print this email if it is absolutely necessary” policy, which is great to see.

While you’ll have noticed that our Father Christmas-themed energy saving guide is tongue-in-cheek (we hope), it does carry a serious message. Households and businesses often underestimate just how easy it is to cut their carbon footprints, and more often than not, making small changes around the home or the office can result in sizeable savings on your energy bills.

If you require any assistance in this area, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of the experts at Love Energy Savings.