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The ever increasing levels of customers complaints and the rise of the smaller, independent energy suppliers has led to in excess of 2 million gas and electricity customers leaving the Big Six. We have been reporting on this developing trend here at Love Energy Savings throughout the summer months and this is now becoming more than just a blip for the likes of npower, British Gas et al.

Complaints against the Big Six energy companies are now at record levels, indicating that they may be doing very little to restore some trust in their damaged reputations following some more than scathing press over the last few years. Indeed, just last week EDF Energy bore the brunt of a £3million fine for letting their customer complaints rise by 30%.

Independent Energy Suppliers Continue to Benefit...

As these levels of customer service continue to decline from the UK’s bigger energy suppliers, the smaller companies have enjoyed a big increase in popularity. Due to a combination of their commitment to keeping their customers happy and bespoke energy packages, more and more home and business energy customers have been realising that they do not have to stay with the more established brands. At the present time, the five best energy deals are available through independent energy companies and you can see a breakdown of their terms by visiting our energy suppliers hub.

Through switching from the Big Six to these smaller energy firms, it is thought that customers are saving around £200 per year.

A Case In Point...

A good example of a member of the Big Six energy suppliers urgently needing to buck their ideas up is that of npower. With more than 62,000 energy customers leaving the supplier in the first half of 2014, customer service was attributed as the main reason for such an exodus. For every 100,000 npower customers, there were a record of 306 complaints, a statistic that the regulator Ofgem deemed as completely unacceptable.

If these figures have not improved significantly by the end of August, then this supplier faces being banned from all telesales. The firm says it has taken action to rectify the situation including enhancing the way that customer complaints can be handled over the phone.

British Gas & SSE...

npower is not the only member of the Big Six which is feeling the effects of the latest energy switching trend. Even British Gas has seen hundreds of thousands of domestic energy customers switch suppliers since the start of the year and SSE Energy Supplier have seen close to half a million customers decide to leave.

We are proud to support many of the smaller energy companies which have been making strides over the last few months and you can find comprehensive profiles in our energy suppliers section. You can also find the latest updates from the likes of Ovo Energy, Co-Operative Energy, Good Energy and a plethora of other independents in our thriving energy news centre.



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