Could the EU’s New “Sleep Mode” Reforms Put Our Energy Worries to Bed?

A number of new EU-sanctioned laws have been introduced this month in order to improve energy efficiency across Europe.

We are all guilty of leaving our appliances on, who hasn’t left their games console running after they’ve finished playing, or fallen asleep with the TV still switched on? Many of the gadgets we leave on 24/7 are connected to the internet, meaning that they guzzle copious amounts of energy without us even realising.

To combat this issue, the EU is introducing regulated appliances, sold from the 8th January, which will have the ability to put themselves into sleep mode when left unattended, using far less energy than when they are switched on.

Last year, it was revealed by the BBC that improved energy regulations have already decreased the average household’s energy consumption by an estimated 10% during the last 5 years. Now, the introduction of smarter appliances could help to make an even more significant impact in the fight against climate change.

£32 Saving Annually

Some consumers just aren’t aware of how much energy they are wasting by leaving appliances switched on for extended periods of time, or just how much money it will cost them in the long run.

The European Commission has stated that new energy-saving legislation could save households an average of £36 a year. While this may seem like a measly amount, when you consider adding it to the £252.81 a year saving you could make simply by switching energy suppliers with Love Energy Savings, it soon makes a substantial difference to your bank account.

A Prolonged Process of Change

The legal reforms act as a follow up to the EU’s earlier attempts to reduce carbon emissions by discontinuing appliances that aimlessly used large amounts of power, such as high-wattage vacuum cleaners.

Following the latest regulations, appliances such as drip-filter coffee machines will have to switch to a low-power sleep mode after a certain amount of time, saving around 30% of their energy use over the course of their lifetime.

The EU also wants to make it easier to view energy labels on online products, while gas ovens will have to display energy ratings. The Commission claimed that a gas oven with the best energy rating could save a consumer £143 over its lifetime compared to an older, less energy-efficient model.

According to the Commission, households that only use energy-efficient appliances will save £368 annually by 2020.

Doesn’t Sleep Mode Drain Energy?

Critics have been sceptical about the benefits of putting more appliances into standby mode. It’s true, we too have preached about the perils of leaving your appliances on standby before, however, sleep mode is the lesser of two evils in the energy-saving game.

This new technology was invented as a last resort to save energy in the event that appliances are accidentally left on, reducing the amount of energy used, rather than being an alternative to turning off appliances fully.

Simply put, try to switch your appliances off completely. But if you do forget, don’t panic as the sleep mode will take over and will be a less wasteful alternative than leaving the appliance on.

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