Don’t Wait for a Price Freeze to Deal With Your Electricity Bills

If you are a business owner or domestic electricity customer who is somewhat concerned about what you are paying for your electricity at present, then you do not have to wait for any potential price freezes or the Ofgem inquiry in order to reduce your outgoings.

Many of us will have been delighted to find out that Ofgem will be taking a good look into the profits of the Big Six energy suppliers and that firms such as SSE will be freezing their energy prices until 2016. Ed Miliband’s vow to freeze all prices for 20 months if he becomes Prime Minister next summer will have also provided some hope for anyone getting bogged down by the constant increase in the price of our gas and electricity. However, all of this is unlikely to result in any actual savings until 2016, which could well be seen as too late for a lot of UK energy customers.

Switch Electricity Provider...

What many businesses and indeed households are not aware of, is the fact that they can actually save money right away by switching their electricity provider. The actual amount depends on factors such as usage, method of payment and region but a staggering seven out of ten customers in the UK have never even looked into switching, which means they are almost certainly on an overly expensive tariff.

What puts a lot of people off is seemingly the prospect of having to contact all the suppliers to find the best rate, which is not only time consuming but also expensive in itself. However, the online comparison service we provide here at Love Energy Savings is the perfect solution. At no cost to yourself, we will find the perfect tariff for your home and/or business and even get you switched over with the minimum possible fuss and hassle.

No Fuss, Instant Quotes...

Considering it will take you around a minute to use our real time comparison engine and we will even contact you via email so as not to take up any of your valuable time, the process really is a no brainer. We are experts when it comes to business electricity and gas and can even make you similar savings when it comes to your domestic outgoings.

So, instead of waiting for the government to take action or for Ofgem’s inquiry to come to a conclusion which could not be until late 2016, why not take control of your business electricity today? You can even take advantage of Love Energy Savings’ expertise if you have a dual-fuel bill or have concerns about your business gas as well!

Either click the banner above for instant real-time energy prices, or you can call 0800 988 8375 to speak to one of our home and business energy advisors!

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