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Edgbaston Cricket Stadium, the home of Warwickshire County Cricket Club, has shown how sports teams around the UK can play their part in energy efficiency projects.

Warwickshire CCC, one of the most prestigious cricket clubs in the country, has decided to invest all of the money it generates through its energy efficiency measures into green projects around the local area. Being huge purveyors of all things energy efficiency, we think this a fantastic decision by all involved at the club and urge more sports teams from across the UK to get involved with schemes just like this one.

Edgbaston's Energy Saving Programme...

Edgbaston is hoping that the funds raised from their energy efficiency efforts will enable the club to launch a brand new foundation, as a result of their Energy Saving Programme.

As we have always maintained here at Love Energy Savings, businesses of all sizes can not only reduce their gas and commercial electricity prices through becoming more energy efficient, but these savings can then be reinvested into boosting future efforts which will save even more cash (and the environment) in the long term.

Regular readers may have read our feature regarding Ovo Energy’s community energy initiative sparking a local power revolution, well this project could well help to boost community energy projects, especially in the south west of the country and Birmingham.More energy efficient programmes in schools, colleges and of course local sports clubs would provide a significant surge in energy efficiency and this could in turn encourage more and more households and businesses to embrace their energy efficiency commitment. Remember, not only does this help your bottom line but can also help the environment and our future energy dependency.

Boost for Energy Efficiency In The UK...

It is hoped that the status of Edgbaston and indeed Warwickshire County Cricket Club, could help to encourage their supporters to look at their energy efficiency commitments. As a venue which inevitably uses a great deal of energy, the savings they make could well make a big statement and other country cricket clubs and even football and rugby clubs could follow suit.

To learn more about energy efficiency and how your household or business can do its bit, why not take a look at some of Love Energy Savings’ Energy Guides? Here you can find out everything from how to lower your business electricity prices, to home energy and business energy comparison. Alternatively, you can get a free, no-obligation energy quote by using our cutting edge energy comparison tool. We don’t ask for loads of information and could get you onto a cheaper tariff in no time at all!