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The UK’s business and home energy suppliers have promised to ensure that the time it takes to switch provider is halved before the end of 2014. The move has come following Energy Secretary Ed Davey’s efforts to drive down the time it takes for customers to move to a cheaper tariff and the MP still remains hopeful that this can be whittled down to just 24 hours before long.

Davey also called for domestic and commercial energy customers to waste no time when it comes to switching gas and electricity suppliers, something we have always been great advocators of here at Love Energy Savings. Whether you are looking to save money for your business or household, you do not have to wait for any forthcoming measures to be implemented before you compare energy prices and find a tariff that is more appropriate for your needs.

Cheapest Energy Tariffs for Two Years...

As reported in the Love Energy Savings News Centre earlier this month, suppliers such as Ovo Energy Supplier are looking to drive down their tariffs and have made vows to offer sub-£1k deals. These are the cheapest gas and electricity deals seen for over 24 months and it is hoped that the other energy suppliers (including the Big Six) will follow suit before long and start to give some power back to the consumer.

Mr. Davey is obviously delighted that the industry is taking notice of his calls as well as recommendations made by the regulator Ofgem and was quick to point out that his objective of 24 hour switching is very much a realistic one.

“Delivering this by the end of this year is a challenge in itself but with the technical code changes with Ofgem for final approval, firms now have the time to change their IT systems and I’m reassured they can manage the remaining practical issues.”

“While its great news we are making energy switching twice as fast, my long-term ambition remains to get to 24-hour switching,” he stated.

Smart Meters to Speed Up Process...

It is thought that the widespread rolling out of smart meters across the United Kingdom will help to make the 24 hour switching aim more achievable. With many households already enjoying the benefit of these devices, the goal is to have the majority of the nation using them by the year 2020.

So, if you have been put off taking advantage of the free energy comparison tools available here at Love Energy Savings due to the time it will take to get moved over, this will no longer be an issue. In fact, with the help of our energy experts and our state of the art comparison engine, you can get your home or business moved to a more affordable energy contract in no time.

To see how much  you can save right away, simply click the banner above or call a member of our team on 0800 988 8375 to discuss your needs in more detail. 

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