Generate Some Christmas Readies By Switching Energy Supplier!

It may not seem like the time of year to be getting your home and business energy in order, but in actual fact there could not be a better time. Although we are enjoying somewhat of an Indian summer with temperatures well into the twenties, it won’t be long before the nights draw in and the frosty weather descends.

Although the government and Ofgem are doing all they can to get three day and even same day switching into action, at present it can take a few weeks to get yourself moved over to a cheaper energy supplier. So, as we move from summer to autumn, it is actually the ideal time to reduce your gas and electricity bills by moving to a more affordable supplier. It is thought that around 70% of businesses are paying far too much for their energy as well as the vast majority of domestic customers as well, so why not ensure that you’re not part of these statistics.

Time & Effort...

Many energy customers seem to be quite happy staying on unnecessarily expensive gas and electricity tariffs due to the fact that they can’t be bothered with the fuss of changing energy supplier, but this is essentially throwing money away. Last winter was one of the mildest for many years, but this is no guarantee that the next one will be and we could well see a big freeze such as the one back in 2010.  Why not ensure your place of work or home is on the lowest possible tariff so you can use your gas and electricity without the fear of getting a monstrous bill?

We have harped on about the rise of the independent energy suppliers for some time here at Love Energy Savings and for good reason. Although the Big Six energy suppliers could well offer the best package for you, a number of the smaller companies are now proud to offer deals of under £1,000 per year for gas and electricity. Extra Energy and First Utility in particular, have been topping the best buy tables but the best way to find out which supplier is perfect for your property is to take advantage of our free energy comparison tools.

Check If You Are Owed a Refund...

Remember also, to check if your account is in credit. Although Love Energy Savings will take care of any switch to a cheaper energy supplier for you completely free of charge, it is up to you to find out if you are owed money. The Big Six suppliers in particular are under a lot of pressure to pay back any accounts in credit, so you could expect your cheque in the post sooner than you might think.

So, don’t wait for the wintry weather to take hold before deciding to get your energy supplier sorted out. Act now and you will be well prepared and you will even save some much needed pennies which can go towards having a fantastic Christmas and New Year. We look after commercial and domestic energy here so use our free comparison engine and let us take care of the whole process for you…why not do it now and give your bank balance some much needed TLC?


If you're unsure about any aspect of your home or business energy contract, just get in touch with the Love Energy Savings team.

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