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NatWest and RBS have been trialling a business energy audit in the north west of England, with a view to potentially saving businesses and across the country thousands of pounds on their energy bills. The project has naturally been of great interest to the team here at Love Energy Savings, such is our commitment to saving organisations as much cash as possible their gas, electricity and any other form of business energy.  So, how will the ‘Energy Audit Programme’ help your business?

The scheme has been such a success that the aforementioned banks have decided to launch it nationally, in a bid to help companies save money as quickly as possible. Now that the benefits have become clear for all to see, it is thought the programme will be rolled out across the United Kingdom as quickly as possible.

Who Developed the Energy Audit Service?

The energy audit service has been developed by an outfit by the name of Mentor, which is the consultancy arm of NatWest & RBS. More than 60 businesses took part in the trial, with spends of between £10,000 and £200,000 and of this, it is thought around £23,000 has been saved as a result of the findings.

Just How Does the Audit Work?

Firstly, the energy audit service assesses how much energy is being used by corporate clients. Once this has been established, their current tariff arrangements are analysed which allows for the identification of areas that can be improved. Businesses can then be placed on more appropriate tariffs and any potential refunds from the overpaying of energy bills can be pursued.

The Business Energy Audit focuses on three main areas. These are energy efficiency, how businesses actually use their energy and whether or not they on the correct tariff. In doing this, it is able to highlight short, medium and long term opportunities for energy saving. Guidance can then be given on how to proceed with estimating costs, savings and how long any potential refunds from energy providers may take.


For example, a business highlighted by Mentor was paying £650 too much for their energy and with their assistance, have negotiated a refund of £11,000 from their business energy provider. Furniture manufacturer Contrax, received their refund after performing an energy audit. As well as making ongoing savings through the changing of its tariff, it is set to save around £6,000 a year due to the energy saving measures they are now taking.

Renewable Energy Options

The Energy Audit Service also looks at whether companies could benefit from generating its own energy via renewable sources. With this likely to become bigger and bigger in the coming years, it is recommended that any businesses that see this as viable, look into the possibility of generating renewable energy sooner rather than later. Contrax also reaped the benefits of the audit with regard to renewable energy by using waste wood from its manufacturing processes to fuel a biomass burner.

Business Energy Audit Findings a Concern

The Business Energy Audit also revealed some rather worrying statistics with regard to the number of businesses that actually review their energy use. Although 85% of businesses concurred that rising business energy costs were a concern, less than a quarter of all the companies involved actually review their usage on a regular basis. It is therefore hardly surprising that a plethora of organisations across the country are haemorrhaging money unnecessarily via their energy outgoings.

Get In Touch with Love Energy Savings To Start Saving!

If you feel that your business is one of the many across the United Kingdom which is spending unnecessary money on it business energy bills, why not take advantage of the specialists here at Love Energy Savings? Our service is free of charge and we can ensure you are on the perfect tariff when it comes to your business energy – we also have a comprehensive free business energy comparison tool for you to use!