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Why we are the energy comparison company that you and your business can trust...


The energy market isn’t exactly known for its fairness or transparency, with more than half of the UK saying that they don't trust their supplier. The main reasons for this are customers are concerned that they're paying for more energy than they use or believe that their bills are not accurate. This doesn’t exactly inspire trust within the market. This is what leaves customers feeling ripped off and pushed into a corner with the lack of choice and power to negotiate, especially small and medium size businesses.

The lack of confidence to switch and lack of knowledge of the market are the main culprits that intimidate businesses into submission and the acceptance of higher rates. With so many different suppliers throwing teaser rates around and convincing businesses that they can’t do better, who can blame them?

Energy Comparison Simplified...

Let’s face it, switching your supplier is complicated! You call a few companies, they all give you a rate then you have to call half of them back in an attempt to negotiate better prices. By that time you’ve had your mind blown, you just accept the supposed “best rate” that you’re offered and when you’re only making savings of only a couple of quid anyway you may find yourself asking: what was the point?

So why bother? It doesn’t make much difference anyway right? WRONG! Our figures have shown that when a proper, comprehensive comparison is made, an average of £1,772 can be saved on business renewal bills. Let’s put it like this: if someone came up to you in the street and said give me five minutes of your time and I will give you £1,772 you'd snap their hand off wouldn’t you?

Love Energy Savings is striving and succeeding in creating a healthier market through using impartial comparisons to create competition and drive prices down. We have an ethical approach to the B2B energy market because we believe that everyone is entitled to being treated fairly regardless of the size of their company. We use the combined buying power of our over 48,000 customers to get you the best deal and create a more competitive market with better prices for our customers and have succeeded in saving UK businesses an average of 40.1% on their energy bills!

Find The Cheapest Prices Instantly...

Another issue that people have with energy suppliers is their appalling reputation for customer service, with employees that gain a higher commission on deals that are more expensive. This is why suppliers can magically drop their prices if you find yourself a better deal after telling you that they’ve already found you the cheapest rate and the best tarrif possible.

Love Energy Savings staff are different. We genuinley care about our customers and have a reputation for commitment to excellent customer service that is second to none, it’s no wonder that we've earnt a TrustPilot score of 5 STARS. We keep things simple and don’t boggle your mind with technical jargon to con you into paying more than you should. Better yet, we handle the entire switching process for you, needing minimal details to get you a fast and accurate comparison. So let us do the hard work for you!

Decicated Account Manager...

After we have made your switch, we assign you a dedicated account manager that can handle any queries that you may have and who will give you a call with any updates on your account and even remind you when your next comparison is due, so you can have confidence that you and your company are being looked after properly.

We are Love Energy Savings, we lead by example and we strive to make a difference because we genuinley LOVE our customers. Don’t settle for less than you and your company deserves.