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During this time of exciting technological revolutions, there are dark and sinister forces at play looking to halt this progress and heed our transition into an easy digital world by stealing our energy.


They are the demons that plot against us to drive up our energy consumption and suck all of the money from our wallets. Homes and businesses, no one is safe!

Energy vampires come in many different forms, so be vigilant:

are you an energy vampire?

Scary Isn’t It?

Energy Vampires are deadly to the planet too as they are accountable for around 1/100th of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions as well as being the cause of about 15% of domestic energy use. Who pays for this damage? We do. It is a truly unholy series of events.

So how do we slay the beasts and save ourselves? (No it’s not garlic or holy water)

  • Single sucker: Turn off device at the plug.
  • Coven: Use multi-plug adaptor leads so you can exterminate them by cutting the power to them all at once and destroy them at the source.
  • Get protected: Purchase low energy standby appliances to avoid a re-infestation in your home or business.
  •  Squash out the little ones: Chargers are underestimated little energy suckers so stay on your guard and unplug them once you’re charged.
  • Call the Van Helsing of energy and get yourself the best rate possible through our impartial comparison site, for the remaining gas and electricity that you use. Don’t worry we have a trust pilot score of 5*, we GUARANTEE to beat your renewal price or we will give you up to £1000 CASH. Not so scary anymore is it?

Don’t be a sucker.

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