Is energy price comparison a means to an end?

Business? Home? Best energy price comparison? Best gas or electricity price? Yes please. But at what cost?

Not financial cost. No, we mean something rather less tangible than price compare: What about the cost to your conscience? What about the social and environmental impact to the environment? Perhaps you don't give a damn.

Perhaps you should give a damn - not for yourselves then but for your children and children's children. The plain fact of the matter is that in order to live in the here and now, the latest energy price comparison is what keeps your family afloat, it may be the difference between a business succeeding and failing.

Visiting a price comparison website for the latest rates on energy comparisons is a means to an end - but how do we get those best energy prices and tariffs in the first place? 

Expensive energy price comparison

Industry commentators claim the UK is an expensive place for energy - indeed it is not a cheap place to do business; however the UK is NOT the most expensive place for energy in the EU. Visit Germany for that. We don't do too bad in the UK; compared with our continental brothers, placed in a league table of high cost and low cost, the UK is in the middle. Should we be, with all that North Sea Oil and Gas?

Energy comparison: What do we mean by a 'Means to an End'?

Energy price compare - the magic words. It's what you are looking for, as a business, for the best energy deal on the market. At what cost to us as a society?

For example take Argyll Array offshore wind farm; it was recently dropped. It would have cost £5.4bn, and had more than 280 wind turbines generating an energy capacity of up to 1800MW, enough to power a million homes. At least that's the PR said. Well, it now transpires that the project was dropped because of the perceived negative impact to the animal environment.

However, economists believe that the real reason why this wind energy project was cancelled was because the private company engineering it realised it would not be financially beneficial for them. Afterall, renewable energy is expensive business, for them and for us. For the time being, the energy farm has been 'put on hold'. Indeed it has.

But should we all foot the bill in return for cleaner energy, and a source of energy that causes less damage to the environment? At all costs? Yes, but tell that to the struggling SME, desperately searching for ways to reduce its business energy. Finding the best energy price comparison it seems is the prevailing condition for the forseeable future, and it will take something in this country far more radical before we are able to sort that out. 

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