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If you are a regular reader here at Love Energy Savings, then you will already be aware of how seriously we take transparency with energy customers. Whether this is from ourselves or the many energy suppliers we work with, it is our goal to ensure that gas and electricity customers start to get a fair deal.

With this in mind, we could not be more delighted to hear of SSE’s open letter to Ofgem in response to their communication with energy suppliers regarding how they handle customer complaints. As you may be aware, the energy regulator decided to write to the Big Six Energy Suppliers as they had grown increasingly frustrated with waning standards of customer happiness.

SSE’s response really emphasises their attitude towards this issue and Love Energy Saving is urging all of the other suppliers in the UK to follow suit, especially the likes of npower whose standards continue to fall.

Open Letter to Ofgem from SSE…

The letter from SSE’s Chief Executive Alistair Phillips-Davies focused on a number of issues surrounding complainsts from energy customers and concisely these were;



- SSE  is committed to becoming the best energy supplier in the UK for customer service

- Acceptance that although their standards were higher than other suppliers, there is still work to do

- SSE working closely with Ofgem and the Ombudsman Service to improve communication channels and timescales for resolution

- Dedication to remedying customer problems before the need for the Ombudsman arises

- Plans for a brand new management system at SSE, which will improve the way complaints are handled, including updating customers as much as possible

- Customers to be given the right to escalate an complaint to an SSE manager at any time

- Any complaints not dealt with within 24 hours to be transferred to a Centre of Excellence for resolution

- Significant amount of resource put into SSE’s Customer Contact and Complaint Reduction Programme to vastly improve customer experience

- Customers to be treated like family via the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) statement

- Particular focus on business and commercial energy customers, such as SME’s, referred to as micro business customers

- Commitment from the SSE Board to ensure all promises and plans are seen through, even if some take longer than others. Many are already in the process of being implemented

- Request for Ofgem to reconsider bringing forward their survey of customer complaint handling, to ensure that SSE has time to make their planned changes



With SSE clearly being committed to offering SME’s great energy prices complemented by high standards of customer service, you can use our comparison engine for free, to see if they are the right energy provider for your business. To see if they fit your usage and requirements, just stick your business postcode into the box to the right or at the bottom of this article.