New Vacuum Cleaner Rules Take Effect in the EU

High powered machines such as vacuum cleaners have been banned in the EU, with the legislation taking effect from yesterday. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has rubbished claims that performance will be compromised significantly and has stated that the move will “make an important contribution to reducing emissions”.

Many have been up and arms regarding the move due to the fact that it will inevitably result in poorer performance and ultimately dirtier carpets, rugs and floors. However, the CCC is not in agreement with this and the six million tonnes of potential CO2 it will save is more than worth the extra cleaning effort, say energy experts.

Which Vacuums Are Now Illegal?

From September 1st 2014, any vacuum cleaner with a power consumption of 1600W or more will no longer be available in the UK, and any have will be rendered illegal. This limit will be tightened further to just 900W in 2017 in a bit to reduce carbon footprint even further. Every vacuum cleaner available in the UK will also need to have an energy rating from A to G for performance as well as dust re-emission, power consumption and also noise levels.

These standards are part of a wider initiative which will also set minimum performance standards for a range of other household appliances. These, it is thought, will not only help when it comes to energy efficiency but also assist with our favourite thing here at Love Energy Savings, lowering your home and business energy bills!

£2.4b To Be Saved By 2020...

Yesterday’s change will look to save consumers around £2.4 billion on their electricity bills between now and 2020, as vacuum cleaners will become 63% more efficient than they had been previously. Although the frenzy of individuals rushing out to buy the higher wattage machines before the deadline does suggest that people are more interested in effective cleaning than they are their bank balances and indeed, the future of the planet. The move has been backed by manufacturers and consumer bodies alike.

The CCC’s reaction to this spate of panic buying was to declare on their blog that it was actually unnecessary.  Wattage, they say, does not always equal performance and all they are actually doing is increasing their carbon footprint. Although 5 of the top 7 cleaners on the Which? site are 1,600W or above, only one of the top 20 on the German market would be banned due to the new rules.

Deadline Passed...

Regardless of this, the deadline has now passed so unless people are going to start buying their vacuums on the black market, they will see a big difference in the power of their machines although this will not necessarily result in a struggle to clean houses and places of work.


If you are concerned about the amount of electricity you are consuming either at work or at home, why not get in touch with the Love Energy Savings team for a no-obligation consultation. It could well be that one of our energy experts could save you a fortune!

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