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Yesterday, RWE Innology was given permission by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to build a new wind farm in the Brechfa Forest, Carmarthensenshire, Wales.

The wind farm will feature 28 turbines generate up to 107MW of electricity,  enough to power up to 39,700 UK homes. This is a great boost for UK renewable energy and a step in the right direction toward reducing the UK’s carbon emissions.

A spokesperson for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said “Onshore wind has an important role to play as part of a balanced energy mix.” He added it will also “help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create up to 150 construction jobs.”

While there are many positives to the construction of the wind farm, some of the local community feel the farm would be detrimental to the area. Hilary Wilson, who runs a local holiday cottage, believes the presence of the wind turbines would drive away business. She said “we have conducted our own survey amongst our visitors and the majority tell [us] they would not come if the area had more turbines.”

Bernadine Blackwell, whose husband suffers from multiple sclerosis, is concerned that “we would not be able to sell our property for a fair price should we be forced to move home due to the negative effect these wind farms have on my husband’s health.”

Not all are opposed to their construction however, Steve Hack believes “all our actions have consequences but in the overall scheme of things the benefits of this project outweigh the disadvantages”. Although he added, “noise can be an issue… [the developer should] take action if this is found to exceed the required limits.”

As is the case with many projects of this nature, the local community is the one to bear the burden. Projects such as this have the ability to reduce the UK’s dependence on foreign energy while reducing our carbon emissions, so we’re likely to see more crop up over the next few years. The question is at what point does the government draw the line between stress on the individual and benefit to the country.

In the short term as companies invest in green measures we're likely to see further increases in energy prices, however should dependence on foreign energy fall energy prices could also fall with it. With evermore reasons to be savvy about your energy bill, now is a critical time to take action.

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