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Rolling over? If you are, you may want to save money by paying less for your business electricity or gas.

Don’t let your business suffer for no reason by getting caught in a costly rolling electricity contract.

Historically small and medium sized businesses have struggled with knowing when to cease their contracts with their energy supplier (for both gas and electricity). Many businesses have been rolled on to higher energy contracts for 2 to 4 years.

Facts you should know and things you should do to help you save on your business electricity:

• A high proportion of business energy contracts that roll over have higher prices than the first year contract.
• 70% of businesses roll over into high price contracts and spend more money than they need to on electricity.
• Store and keep your original contract. Check the terms and conditions on the contract. Be sure to make a note of the termination period in your contract.
• Serve the termination and search for a better tariff.
• There is nearly always a better tariff for your business.
• You can switch hassle free by using an Energy Broker to help you, free of charge.
• It can take several hours to compare the market but it takes Love Energy Savings minutes.
• Don’t waste time when someone else can do it for free.

Compare your business electricity prices and save money now

Love Energy Savings is one of the UKs largest utility providers offering businesses the opportunity to compare electricity and gas prices online.

"Every Business should compare their electricity prices and aim to save money. The money saved could be used for more profitable use. Love Energy Savings provides a hassle free service where we find the customer cheaper gas and electricity prices. We will manage the switch and make this an easier task”

Gemma Bailey, Relationship Manager

For more information please visit our business energy page. To talk to an advisor for advice on business electricity call 0800 9888 375.