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A report from the Energy Saving Trust (EST) has suggested that across the UK, millions of pounds are wasted on home energy bills due to inefficiency.

The report covered 86,000 households and includes wastage from kitchen appliances to the bathroom and small simple changes can help your home become greener for the environment, help fight climate change and save your home a bit of money.

EST’s results found that 95% of people boil the kettle once a day, while 40% of us boil water five times a day. The report also claimed that three quarters of households overfill their kettles, wasting £68m a year.

Green home

If this sounds familiar, stop and think for a moment. The more water you put in the kettle, the longer it will take to heat up and the more it will cost you (because you’re using more electricity). Try guessing how much water you’ll need before you fill the kettle, it’ll stop you wasting your own time and money. Not to mention you’ll feel good for lowering your contribution to climate change just that little bit.

It might not be a vast amount of money but it’s money you’re giving your utility supplier for no reason.

EST also found that the average shower lasted seven and a half minutes. To put it perspective, it said if the average was one minute less, £215m would be saved annually across the UK. Although the real reason behind shorter showers isn’t to save money, but to save water, energy and the environment.

According to the EST the average household uses the washing machine 3 times a week, which uses far more water than washing by hand. It did however mentioned that larger homes would be better off using a modern energy efficient dishwasher as this would be use less water and be better for the environment.

The report also found that hot water on average contributes £228 to a home’s utility bills.

Andrew Tucker, water strategy manager at the Energy Saving Trust said “It's all too easy to turn on the tap and not think about the consequences”.

Commenting of the knock-on effects on the climate, he added: “there is an environmental and energy cost attached to water which many people do not consider.”

Andrew makes a good point, many of us don’t use water in a green fashion. Whether it’s overfilling the kettle, leaving the tap running when we’re brushing our teeth or washing the dishes, we all do things which are bad habits without even realising.

Sometimes that long hot shower is just what’s needed but it wouldn’t exactly be the end of the world if missed out on four or five minutes of showering time a week.