SSE The Latest Energy Supplier to Be Slapped by Ofgem

SSE £750k fine

Ofgem has continued with its clampdown on the Big Six energy suppliers, this time handing SSE with a £750,000 fine for failing to meet a three month deadline.

The fine represents the second time that Scottish and Southern Energy have been fined for the same offence and they were also penalised back in April of last year for mis-selling their energy products. The company could also face further punishment due to their response to the winter’s storm damage. This disrupted electricity supply to some 2 million customers across the United Kingdom and their reaction to it has been widely criticised.

200 Energy Customers Left Without Power...

The supplier accepted its fine after it failed to provide rural homes in Scotland with the necessary access to their electricity network. 200 customers were left without access to the network and as such, had been left without any power between August 2010 and September 2013.

The money paid out by SSE will be given to the Scottish Hydro Electric Community Trust, a body which helps households in rural areas to pay their electricity bills during periods of difficulty.

It is thought that the fine, much like the other reprimands handed out by the regulator in recent months, should act as a great deterrent to energy suppliers that haven’t been toeing the line. Providers have a commitment to ensure that customers can connect to their network in as quick a time as possible. Indeed, customers being left without electricity is unacceptable, even if they live in remote areas such as rural Scotland.


SSE have fully acknowledged and accepted their fine as fair and have promised to put measures in place to ensure that there are no future problems. Although the firm were obviously disappointed to be hit with such a large fine, their Managing Director was quick to point out that they had made individual payments of up to £1,000 and thanked these customers for their understanding.

With the recent £12 million fine handed out to E-On for mis-selling of energy products, as well as Scottish Power’s penalisation for charging customers who choose not to use Direct Debit, it has been a productive month for the regulator Ofgem. Along with the government, the body had vowed to take its responsibility to home and business energy customers more seriously, and they certainly seem to be keeping their word.

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