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Do the words: 'I don't understand my energy bill' cross your lips on a regular basis? SSE, one of the big 6 energy suppliers is trying to fix that.

The gas and electricity provider has announced that after a survey of over 1000 customers they are taking steps to help SMEs and home energy customers understand their energy bill.

SSE Bill1

Design features in the gas and electricity supplier's new bill include an easy to follow layout clearly stating the customers balance as well as featuring 10 key pieces of information, in the order that survey respondents deemed them most important.

Also present is a simple front page summary and financial summary of the customer’s account, clear billing periods and dates as well as easy to understand prices with any changes.

Tony Keeling, Director of Customer Service at SSE said: “The help we’ve received from our customers through research has been instrumental in designing the new bill and making the improvements that matter most to customers.”

It will also be made more obvious whether customers have received an actual or estimated bill.

Customers voted that projected costs were one of the least important aspects of the bill, unsurprisingly, so were offers. The utility provider seemed to include those offers which are aimed to help consumers save money as part of this category however.

SSE Bill2

Mr. Keeley also said: “We’re keen to hear back from customers on what they think and any further improvements that we can make.”

Perhaps SSE could separate offers so customers can opt in to just energy/money saving orientated offers without receiving other promotions.

The power supplier’s changes also a particularly important inclusion; their cheapest energy tariff available to the customer, as well as savings that could be made from paperless billing or through direct debit forms of payment.

The utility company will be trialling the new energy bill with around 2 million customers who pay quarterly before introducing their direct debit customers to it.

What do you think about the changes? Has your supplier taken steps to help you understand your energy bill? Let us know on our facebook or twitter.