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There's a revolution going on in North America. It has reduced the price of gas by almost 50%, increased investment in the energy sector, and at the same time created a new market ripe for the picking. It's called Shale Gas.

But in the UK we haven't quite got a grip on sourcing new energy sources, despite the fact that the UK does indeed possess Shale Gas, and allegedly quite a lot of it.

The government recently published its Energy Bill all about the new intentions to energy policy in the UK. It's all about low-carbon economic growth. However, there's a catch. We’ll slash your bills – but it will cost you more, says Ed Davey.  Hang on, something doesn't quite add up there.

It's very complicated and I can't help feel cheated out of something. Being penalised for burning fossil fuels, increasing taxes for failing to reduce carbon emissions does not seem a very democratic way of cleaning he environment.

Nobody in authority can say with any definitive certainty (global warming?) that the proposals being voiced by the government's energy ministry, energy prices by 2020, will be cheaper than they are now. It's just not possible. How is all this to be paid for?

The consensus appears to be that burning fossil fuels i.e. coal, gas oil etc will become so expensive that greener forms of energy such as wind and solar power will be the only alternative. 

Someone's living in cloud cuckoo land.